Academic Appeals Information for Students

instructions for students submitting their Appeal

Below is the form that every student must complete when filing an academic appeal.  Appeals must be submitted prior to specific deadlines.  In order to initiate an academic appeal, the student must contact the faculty member of the course under appeal within 60 days from the first day of the next regular semester (fall or spring). A completed written appeal, including all elements included in the form, must be received by the Academic Appeals Board no later than 90 days from the first day of the next regular semester following the course under appeal.  Summer or winter session course appeals must be initiated in the following fall or spring semester, respectively.

One exception to this timeline is if a student appealing a course in their spring semester is graduating. Per UPS 300.030 Section D.1., when a student who has petitioned to graduate in May wishes to appeal a grade in a course in his/her final spring semester to be eligible to graduate, the Appeals Board will meet during the summer to review such appeals.

The Academic Appeals Board can only consider student appeals based on: 1) accusations of academic dishonesty (cheating) on the part of the student; or 2) allegations that a grade was assigned in a subjective or prejudicial (arbitrary and capricious) manner. The Academic Appeals Board DOES NOT REGRADE OR RE-EVALUATE student work.


To submit an appeal, please fill out this form. Appeal FormOpens in new window

Instructions for accessing the form:

  • Click on the link above. You will be taken to sign into a Google account.
  • You can use a Gmail account if you have one or use your CSUF student email to log in ( All CSUF students have Google accounts and can access the form this way.
    • If logging in with your CSUF account, you will then be prompted to log into your CSUF portal with your username and password.


If you have questions or concerns regarding Academic Appeals please email

Academic Appeals Board 

The Academic Appeals Board is comprised of 3 faculty members and 2 student representatives.

  • For committe membership visit the Academic Senate website under General/MISC Committee list:  Linked HerePDF File