Our Mission, Vision and Values

University Advancement serves Cal State Fullerton by building and strengthening relationships with the communities we serve to encourage advocacy, investment and support of the University, its mission, goals and programs in support of student and alumni success.

Our vision is to be a strategic partner engaged in:

  • Transforming Cal State Fullerton into a model public comprehensive university nationally recognized for educational innovation and exceptional programs that prepare our diverse student body for academic and professional success;
  • Encouraging financial investment that ensures the success of the University’s mission and goals;
  • Cultivating and strengthening the University’s strategic relationships among business, community, educational, cultural, political, and philanthropic leaders;
  • Raising the University’s profile through strategic communications;
  • Advocating for the value of increased investment in public higher education;
  • Planning and executing successful comprehensive and targeted fundraising efforts;
  • Leading the creation of a culture of philanthropy and engagement with and among students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University.

With a spirit of professionalism, and in an environment that encourages teamwork and personal growth, University Advancement commits to these values:

  • Excellence: We take pride in our work and strive for the highest quality.
  • Innovation: We empower ourselves and others to be risk-takers and reach beyond the current paradigm. We are open to change and creative ideas in fulfilling our mission.
  • Respect and Collaboration: We honor the expertise and celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues and respect diversity while working together toward the common goal of advancing the academic endeavor.
  • Pursuing a Public Good: We believe we are stewards of place responsive to and responsible for the communities in which we serve.
  • Transparency and Accountability: As stewards of the public trust, we ensure that promises to our supporters are fulfilled and hold ourselves and our partners on campus accountable for using our resources wisely.
  • Ethical Action: We adhere to high ethical standards; we build relationships based on trust, honesty, and integrity; and we respect privacy and confidentiality.