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Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
Office: (657) 278-8334


Dr. Binod Tiwari

Associate Vice President (also serves as Institutional Official [IO] for Animal Care and Use)
(657) 278-8205

Alice Hernandez

Assistant to the AVP
Phone: (657) 278-6843

Kaylee Grison, MA

HR/Budget Analyst & Intramural Awards Coordinator
Phone: (657) 278-3360


Office of Research Development (ORD)
Office: (657) 278-2327


Yolanda Uzzell

Manager of Research Development
(657) 278-2134

Lynne Funk

Administrative Support Coordinator
(657) 278-2327

Dr. Kristina Rigden

Research Development Specialist/Officer

College of Education, College of Business and Economics
(657) 278-4544

Natalie Gharibian

Research Grant Specialist 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Humanities (main campus)
(657) 278-5353

Dr. Lisa Lopez

Senior Research Development Officer
College of Health and Human Development, EC- 686 (main campus) 
(657) 278-4566

Mary Pons

Research Development Specialist/Officer

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, College of Engineering and Computer Science

(657) 278-3705


Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC)

Office: (657) 278-2106


Myrna Weber



Tina Tranilla

Assistant Director
(657) 278-4097 

Allison Nguyen

Grant and Contract Officer
(657) 278-7621 


Grant and Contract Officer
(657) 278-


Grant and Contract Officer 
email: vacant
(657) 278-

Angela "Angi" Arambulo

Administrative Support Coordinator
(657) 278-7532

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)  


Sydney Dawes

Director (Certifying Official)
(657) 278-4103

Olga Riveron

Grants Manager
(657) 278-4113

Charles Greenwood

Compliance Officer
(657) 278-4102

Josh Shepard

Sponsored Program Administrator
(657) 278-4150 

Catherine Anders

Sponsored Programs Administrator
(657) 278-4138 

Letrice Satterwhite

Sponsored Programs Administrator
(657) 278-2935

Wendy Catalan

Campus Programs Coordinator
(657) 278-4112

Julie Bernat

(657) 278-3157

Research Compliance

Grace Amaya, Research Compliance Specialist
Human subjects:
Animal use:
Institutional Biosafety: 
Responsible Conduct of Research:
(657) 278-7719


Mandie Clauseen, Research Compliance Specialist 
Institutional Biosafety: 
(657) 278-3951