Reporting Animal Use Concerns

California State University Fullerton is committed to the humane and responsible care and treatment of all animals used in research or instruction. All laboratory animals receive appropriate care and are used safely in accordance with Public Health Services Policy, the Animal Welfare Act, and CSUF’s animal care and use committee (IACUC) policies and guidelines.

CSUF IACUC relies on the observations of individuals to ensure the proper care and well-being of animals used in research and instruction. The IACUC is required by law to investigate reports of suspected animal abuse or mistreatment. If you observe or suspect animal abuse, mistreatment, or non-compliance with federal, state or local regulations or an approved IACUC protocol, please report the incident. CSUF IACUC will investigate and evaluate all concerns.

Complaints or concerns by faculty, staff, or students regarding the care and use of animals at CSUF should be directed to one of the persons listed below, either by telephone, electronic mail, or in writing:

  • Research Compliance Coordinator, Titan Hall, 2nd floor, 1121 North State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831-3014. Telephone: 657-278-7719; E-mail:
  • Chair of the CSUF IACUC. Telephone: 657-278-2849; E-mail:
  • Animal Care Facility Specialist. Telephone: 657-278-5543
  • Campus Veterinarian. Telephone: 949-855-9744
  • Principal Investigator or her/his Department Chair

To facilitate reporting, individuals are encouraged to complete the Animal Incident Form Opens in new window and forward it to the Research Compliance Office (2nd floor, Titan Hall) for review and action.

Complaints and concerns will be kept anonymous (name is not known) or confidential (name is not revealed), if requested. Anonymous complaints will be investigated, although they are generally less effective. The CSU Whistleblower PolicyOpens in new window protects employees who report improper government activity from retaliation.

All complaints and concerns shall be forwarded to the IACUC Chair as soon as possible, where they will be addressed following the procedures described in the CSUF IACUC Handbook.