IBC Activities Requiring Review

The IBC establishes, recommends, and/or approves policies on the proper use of biological materials including, but not limited to:

  • recombinant/synthetic DNA,

  • creation of transgenic animals and plants,

  • agents infectious for humans, animals or plants (including bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi),

  • human/primate sourced materials (including human and primate tissue culture cell lines, blood, serum, plasma, unfixed cells, other potentially infectious materials (OPIM per Cal OSHA),

  • animals exposed to or infected with recombinant/synthetic DNA,

  • biologically active agents (e.g. toxins) that may cause disease in other living organisms or cause significant impact to the environment or community.

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If your research does not involve biological material, no registration is required. Examples include:

  • Environmental soil or water samples

  • Proteins (except prions or biological toxins) purchased from a vendor and used outside of living organisms

  • Chemicals or nanoparticles without a biological rDNA, or SNA component


csuf IBC meeting schedule

These dates may be subject to change. Researchers should check this site frequently to view up-to-date information about meeting and/or submission deadlines.

   Submission Deadline  IBC Meeting
October 2022 Sept 16, 2022, by noon 10/07/2022
November 2022 Oct 14, 2022, by noon 11/04/2022
December 2022 Nov 10, 2022, by noon 12/16/2022
January 2023   NO MEETING
February 2023 February 3, 2023, by noon 02/24/2023
April 2023 April 7, 2023, by noon 04/28/2023
May 2023 April 28, 2023, by noon 05/19/2023
June/July 2023   NO MEETING