IRB Committee Members

The President of CSUF appoints the CSUF IRB members in accordance with federal requirements (45 CFR 46.107Opens in new window ). The CSUF IRB is composed of members representing the University faculty, staff and local community. Membership includes at least one individual whose primary concerns are in the nonscientific areas and at least one member not otherwise affiliated with the institution and who is not part of the immediate family of a person affiliated with the institution. The faculty members represent a variety of disciplines representative of the research reviewed. In addition to federal policy the CSUF IRB composition may also include a student representative and directors (or their designated representative) from each of the following departments: Student Health and Counseling, Environmental Health & Safety; Grants & Contracts (UPS 620.000PDF File Opens in new window ).

Member Department Email
Justine Baldacci, MPH Environmental Health and Safety jbaldacci@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Rebecca Bodan, Ph.D. Nursing rbodan@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Ioakim Boutakidis, Ph.D., Vice Chair Child and Adolescent Studies
Pablo Costa, Ph.D. Kinesiology (alternate) pcosta@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Matt Englar-Carlson, Ph.D., Chair Counseling mattec@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Jorge Fontdevila, Ph.D. Sociology jfontdevila@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Maureen Jakocko, RN Community Member Representative  
Robert Lockie, Ph.D. Kinesiology rlockie@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Michelle Martin, Ph.D. Social Work mimartin@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Jessie Peissig, Ph.D. Psychology (alternate) jpeissig@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Nancy Watkins, Ph.D. Educational Leadership nwatkins@fullerton.eduOpens in new window
Rogelio Serrano Prisoner Advocate Member
Ann Luecha, MD Student Health Center 
Krissy Sanchez Student - Kinesiology