Maria Cominis Glaudini, Theater and Dance
Original Play & Book Publication Online Companion

Pamela Madsen, School of Music
There Will Come Soft Rains Recording Project

Katherine Powers, School of Music
Laura Netzel's Fantasy Piece

Robert Davis, Cinema and Television Arts
Research Travel to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Vancouver

Ying-Chiao Tsao, Human Communication Studies
Study Abroad Simulation (SAS) as an Inter-professional Education and Practice

Guohua Wu, Communications
An Experimental Investigation of the Effectiveness of China’s Overseas Propaganda

Alison Dover, Secondary Education
Teaching and Learning in Multicultural, Multilingual, and Radically Inclusive Classrooms

Julian Jefferies, Literacy and Reading Education
Career Counseling in Study Abroad: The Impact on Latino/a First-Generation College Students

Vita Jones, Special Education
Community Partnership

Benikia Kressler, Special Education
Towards the Conceptualization of Culturally Responsive Data-based Decision Making

Sung Hee Lee, Special Education
Reading electronic books as a support for vocabulary, word reading, and reading comprehension in kindergarten and first grade children with autism spectrum disorders

Christopher Street, Secondary Education
Quality Matters in Secondary Education Course Redesign

Maria Estela Zarate, Educational Leadership
Immigrant Families in Catalonian Elementary Schools

Beena Ajmera, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Effect of Vertical Pressure on Shear Strength Reduction in Soils during Earthquakes

Mikhail Gofman, Computer Science
Secure Multi-biometric Mobile Device Authentication through Statistically Optimized Artificial Neural Networks

Paul Salvador Inventado, Computer Science
Investigating Factors that Lead to Learning Challenges in CS Education

Sagil James, Mechanical Engineering
Study of Liquid-Assisted Laser Beam Micromachining for Manufacturing of Medical Implants

Salvador Mayoral, Mechanical Engineering
Unsteady aerodynamics of ground vehicles with an underbody diffuser

Paulina Reina, Civil and Environmental Engineering
A Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Rubbernecking Behavior on Urban Freeways

Jason Baker, Child and Adolescent Studies
Psychophysiological predictors of treatment response in autism spectrum disorder

Shana Charles, Health Science
Determinants of College Student Smoking: Building on the CSUF Campus Ban to Deter Smoking Beyond Campus

Guadalupe Espinoza, Child and Adolescent Studies
Examining the Impact of Witnessing Cyberbullying and Identifying Protective Factors Among Latino Adolescents

Koren Fisher, Kinesiology
Examining sedentary behavior, physical activity, and cardio-metabolic health among aging adults: A socio-ecological approach

Andrew Galpin, Kinesiology
Using Emerging Technology to Enhance Accuracy of Human Skeletal Muscle Molecular Research

John Gleaves, Kinesiology
Triangulating Prevalence of Doping in Elite Athletes

Sean Hogan, Social Work
Foster Youth in Higher Education: Barriers to Academic Success at a Four-Year University

Do Kyeong Lee, Kinesiology
Understanding the role of physical activity in infants during 1st year of life

Matthew Llewellyn, Kinesiology
The Race Game: Apartheid Politics and the International Sports Boycott

Risto Marttinen, Kinesiology
Youth Sport Retention Study Pilot

Claudia Pineda, Child and Adolescent Studies
Perceptions and Meaning of Cultural Competency among Students of Child and Adolescent Studies (CAS)

Eric Price, Counseling
Positive and Affirming Research in Sexuality

Rebekah Smart, Counseling
Women, Aging, and Media: A Cross-Cultural Exploration

Yuying Tsong, Human Services
Risk and Protective Factors in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Asian American Mental Health, Disordered Eating, and Body Image Concerns

Terri Snyder, American Studies
Women Claiming Freedom: Slavery, Race, and Resistance Across the Americas

Jennifer Yee, Asian American Studies
Empowering Next-Gen Leaders and Activists: A Service-Learning Partnership as a Site for Radical Care in the University and Community

Brady Heiner, Philosophy
Decolonizing Settler Existence: Settler Colonialism and Existential Thought

Sarah Hill, Division of Politics, Administration and Justice
The Plural Executive: Who Are They?

Maria Malagon, Sociology
Resisting Erasure: Life Histories of Mexican American Youth in California Reformatory Schools

Irena Praitis, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
Dropped in the Traces: A Collection of Poetry

Aitana Guia, History
Healthy Cities, Thriving Humans: Car Culture, Environmental Social Movements, and the Greening of the Turia River in Valencia Spain (1957-2018)

Yuko Okado, Psychology
Prevention of Stress-Related Symptons Through Cognitive Training: A Pilot Study

Saul Tobias, Liberal Studies
What is Buddhist Critique? Epistemology and Ethics in Buddhist Social Thought

Satoko Kakihara, Modern Languages and Literatures
Performative Words: Women's Writings and Identity Construction in the Japanese Empire

Nancy Segal, Psychology
Decolonizing Settler Existence: Settler Colonialism and Existential Thought

Jindong Wu, Geography and the Environment
Assessing Salton Sea Water Surface Change with Landsat TM and OLI Satellite Imagery

Gabriela Best, Economics
The Role of Monetary Policy during The Great Inflation

Mira Farka, Economics
Unconventional Tools for Unconventional Times: How Effective are LSAPs and Forward Guidance?

Gagan Ghosh, Economics
Logrolling and Political Capital: Strategic Concessions in Political Wars of Attrition

Ryan Gottfredson, Management
Leadership Mindsets: Extending the Influence of Leaders beyond Behaviors

Neil Granitz, Marketing
Transmedia Storytelling: Understanding its Effect upon Consumer Brand Engagement and Likelihood to Participate

Yi Jiang, Finance
Labor Union Presence and CEO Compensation

Pawel Kalczynski, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Self-Organized Carpools for Self-Driving Cars

Sinjini Mitra, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Building models of student success in bottleneck courses via deeper analytics

Shaun Pichler, Management
Success of CSUF Students: A Social Support Perspective

Jungmin Seo, Management
The effects of leader differentiation on work-group function

Ofir Turel, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
The Neural Basis of Texting While Driving

Xiaoying Xie, Finance
Does Enterprise Risk Management Spur Corporate Innovation?

Jing Yang, Finance
The Effects of Initial Public Offerings on Local Housing Markets

Jennifer Burnaford, Biological Sciences
How will sea level rise affect important canopy-forming seaweeds?

Joseph Carlin, Geological Sciences
A Song of Fire and Flood: Identifying Past Wildfire-Flood Events in the Geologic Record

Esther Chen, Biological Sciences
Investigating whether the expression of three sRNA genes is controlled by ExoS/ChvI in Sinorhizobium meliloti

Diane Clemens-Knott, Geological Sciences
In Search of California's Jurassic Arc

Amybeth Cohen, Biological Sciences
Assessment of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as a nutrient-dense food source for farm-raised fish

Jeffrey Knott, Geological Sciences
Tephrochronology of the Monterey Formation

Zhuangjie Li, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Cataphotolytical removal of pesticides from water

Sean Loyd, Geological Sciences
Assessing the controls and impacts of carbon dioxide degassing from fissure ridge hot springs

Andrew Petit, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Computation Meets Experiment for a Greener Route Towards New Medicines

Valerie Poynor, Mathematics
Hierarchical Modeling for Student Critical Thinking Assessment

Nicholas Salzameda, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Synthesis and discovery of novel inhibitors for the botulinum neurotoxin

Parvin Shahrestani, Biological Sciences
Elucidating the complex relationship between immune defense and aging

Adam Woods, Geological Sciences
Determining Environmental Stress in the Aftermath of the Permian – Triassic Mass Extinction: A Case Study from East-Central California

Danielle Zacherl, Biological Sciences
Effect of shell contraction behavior on gamete dispersal and fertilization success of the red abalone, Haliotis rufescens