2012-13 Junior/Senior Faculty Grant Recipients


Jim Volz (senior), Theatre and Dance

World Shakespeare in Production: book completion for timely publication


Minjung Kim (junior), Human Communication Studies

The developmental patterns of speech sounds in bilingual children with speech delay


Pratanu Ghosh (junior), Civil and Environmental Engineering

High Performance Concrete: enhances durability, sustainability and service life of nation’s infrastructure

Kiran Gorge (junior), Computer Engineering

Neural Signal Based Assistive Technology for Spinal Cord Injury Patients 


John Hoffman (junior), Educational Leadership

Integrating Assessment and Program Review in Student Affairs Practice

Sharon Chappell (junior), Elementary and Bilingual Education

Multi-generation Bilingual Families Tell their Stories of Schooling: Utilizing Oral History as a Critical Pedagogy in Teacher Education

Terri Patchen (senior), Elementary and Bilingual Education

Qualifying Good Teaching By Developing Candidate Capacity

Julian Jefferies (junior), Reading

Pre-service teacher's cross-cultural competency and its implications for teacher effectiveness in diverse settings

Miguel Zavala (junior), Secondary Education

A Case Study of Community Organizing in Three South Los Angeles High Schools: How Teachers and Students Bridge Relationships Between School and Community in the Context of School Restructuring


Jason Baker (junior), Child and Adolescent Studies

Multi-method examination of stress regulation in children with autism spectrum disorders

Joshua Yang (junior), Health Science

Fostering collective action to combat non-communicable diseases: Building from the lessons of the AIDS movement

Michele Wood (junior), Health Science

The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill: Lessons in Personal and Organizational Preparedness

Melanie Horn Mallers (junior), Human Services

Redefining measurement approaches to daily alcohol usage and examining comprehensive predictors of drinking patterns among older adults

Kathleen Wilson (junior), Kinesiology and Health Science

Parent’s promoting physical activity among preschoolers: A diary study


Carrie Lane (junior), American Studies

An Organized Life: The Buying and Selling of Simple Living in American Culture

Elizabeth Pillsworth (junior), Anthropology

Testosterone changes in men as a result of perceptions of reproductive threats and female partner’s ovulatory status

Peter Fashing (junior), Anthropology

Life in the slow lane: Gelada monkeys as models for reconstructing the lives of an extinct human ancestor

Brian Norton (junior), English, Comparative

Laurence Sterne, the Essay, and the Value of Trivial Things

David Kelman (junior), English, Comparative

The Political Corpus: Legacies of the Corpse in the Americas

J. Westgate (junior), English, Comparative

Touring the Red Lights District

Jindong Wu (junior), Geography

Integration of High Resolution Satellite Imagery with Airborne RADAR Data for Mapping Urban Land Use and Land Cover

Jonathan Taylor (senior), Geography

The Geography of Illegal Drugs

Lei Xu (junior), Geography

Residential Preferences and Segregation of Hispanic Americans in Orange County

Robert Voeks (senior), Geography

Green Gold: Ethnobotanical Narratives in the Colonial Realm

Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi (junior), History

Educating Modern Iranian Women: Gender and Girls' Schools, 1850-1941

April Bullock (senior), Liberal Studies

Women, Social Networks, and Cookery in Nineteenth-Century England

Margaret Garber (senior), Liberal Studies

Women, Social Networks, and Cookery in Nineteenth-Century England

Brady Heiner (junior), Philosophy

American Prison Abolition: Excavating the Sedimentations of Slavery

Barbara Cherry (junior), Psychology

Longitudinal Physical and Cognitive Function in Adults Age 50 years and Older

Jessie Peissig (junior), Psychology

The Eyes Have It: What Role Do Eyes and Eyebrows Play in Face Recognition?

Nancy Segal (senior), Psychology

Adopted Twins and Virtual Twins: Within-Pair Similarity and Parental Favoritism

Russ Espinoza (senior), Psychology

Perception of Immigrants in the Legal System When Victim and Perpetrator Ethnicity Are Varied


Adrian Fleissig (senior), Economics

Estimating the Impact of Reduced Funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Denise Stanley (senior), Economics

“The Dark Side of Remittances? Honduran Migrant Household Labor Supply Trends and Perspectives”

Feng Xiao (senior), Economics

Is there a Link between Governance and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from China

Dawit Serom (senior), ISDS

Asymmetric Persistence and Predictability of U.S. Inflation

Sinjini MItra (junior), ISDS

Devising performance evaluation techniques for Biometric Authentication systems based on statistical models

Eun Kyoo Kim (junior), Management

How Does Language Barrier Influence ESL Customers’ Service Experience?

Gerard Beenen (junior), Management

Social Identity and Student Project Teams

Shaun Picher (junior), Management

Expatriate Reactions to Performance Appraisals: The Role of Relationship Quality and   Procedural Justice Climate

Chiranjeev Kohli (senior), Marketing

Essays on Slogans


Danielle Zacherl (senior), Biological Science

The impact of an oyster bed on eelgrass productivity and community diversity in Alamitos Bay, CA

Hope Johnson (junior), Biological Science

Identification of factors affecting cyanobacterial coniform morphology

Jennifer Burnaford (junior), Biological Science

Marecelo Tolmasky (senior), Biological Science

Development of a new class of antibiotics

Michael Horn (senior), Biological Science

Visual predators and unseen prey: testing the hypothesis that pipefish, cryptic species, are major participants in a seabird food web in southern California waters

Nikolas Nikolaidis (junior), Biological Science

Characterization of the Effects of Lipid-binding on the Chaperone Activities of Hsp70s

John Haan (junior), Chemistry and Biochemistry

Development and Characterization of Inexpensive Base Metal Catalysts for Use in the Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell

Nicholas Salzameda (junior), Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Study and Optimization of Botulinum Neurotoxin Inhibitors

Brady Rhodes (senior), Geological Science

Could it Happen Here? Searching for a Paleotsunami Record in the Wetlands of Southern California

Nicole Bonuso (junior), Geological Science

Using mollusc isotope records to reconstruction recent marine paleoclimate in Southern California.

Kamal Hamidieh (junior), Mathematics

Options Based Risk Neutral Density Estimation of Asset Prices Using R

Sam Behseta (senior), Mathematics

Bayesian Classification of Neuronal Intensity Rates