2014-15 Junior/Senior Faculty Grant Recipients


Linda Kroff (Senior), Visual Arts

     Lockbox: A Photogenic Installation and Public Art Proposal

David Nevell (Senior), Theatre and Dance

     Dialects of Central America

Pamela Madsen (Senior), Music

     Luminous Etudes for solo piano and projected images: “Twenty Visions of the Black Madonna of Montserrat”


Christine Burrough (Junior), Communications

     Please Participate

Guohua Wu (Junior), Communications

     When does culture matter? A Reexamination of the effects of Personal Knowledge on the Correction of Culture-based Judgments

Summer Martin (Junior), Human Communication Studies

     The Experience and Communication of Uncertainty Regarding Genetic Testing for the BRCA Mutation

Ying-Chiao Tsao (Senior), Human Communication Studies

     A culturally and linguistically sensitive translation of the Mandarin OASES 


Hakob Avetisyan (Junior), Civil and Environmental Engineering

     Construction Equipment Fleet Management for Sustainability and Clean Environment in California

Garrett Struckhoff (Junior), Civil and Environmental Engineering

     Algal Treatment of Brewery Waste

Binod Tiwari (Junior), Civil and Environmental Engineering

     Study on Combined Effect of Earthquake and Rainfall to Trigger Landslides

Kiranraj George (Junior), Computer Engineering

     Real-Time Self-Learning Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Intervention System 

Ning Chen (Senior), Computer Science

     A Home-Based Wireless Fall Risk Assessment System for Elderly

Mikhail Gofman (Junior), Computer Science

     Strengthening Mobile Authentication Through Biometric Fusion

Mohinder Grewal (Senior), Electrical Engineering

     Mitigation of GPS Data Errors to Improve User Safety


Maria Zarate (Junior), Educational Leadership

     Embedding College Information in Mathematics and Language Arts Curriculum 


Rachel Baker (Junior), Child and Adolescent Studies

     Family process and children with borderline intellectual functioning 

Guadalupe Ezpinoza (Junior), Child and Adolescent Studies  

     Daily Cyberbullying Experiences Among Latino Adolescents: Examining the Protective Role of Friend and Family Factors

John Breskey (Junior), Health Science

     Nail Salon Ventilation Needs Assessment Survey: A Precursor for the Development of an Educational Intervention

Anthony DiStefano (Junior), Health Science

     Intersections of HIV and Violence in Japan, Phase II: Data Processing, Analysis, and Dissemination

Maria Koleilat (Junior), Health Science

     Evaluating the impacts of the revised Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) food packages on weight gain during pregnancy, breastfeeding practices, and childhood obesity in low-income families.

Jennifer Piazza (Junior), Health Science

     Understanding "Fibrofog": Examining the link between neuroendocrine activity and cognitive impairment among people with Fibromyalgia

Gary Germo (Junior), Human Services

     Making Connections

Lilia Espinoza (Junior), Kinesiology and Health Science

     Evaluation of barriers and facilitators to HIV care among recently incarcerated, HIV-infected individuals

Andrew Galpin (Junior), Kinesiology

     Development of A Method to Estimate Human Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type Composition

Maryanne Garon (Senior), Nursing

     The role of ethnic nursing organizations in developing future nurse leaders

Sean Hogan (Senior), Social Work

     Foster Youth in Higher Education: The Role of Social Capital in Successfully Transitioning to Adulthood


Erica Ball (Junior), American Studies

     Reconsidering Roots: Observations on the 40th Anniversary of a TV Mini-Series that Changed the Way We Understood American Slavery

Susie Woo (Junior), American Studies

     New Americans Come “Home”: Korean War Adoptees, Military Brides, and Cold War Sentiments of Race and Nation

Siobhan King (Junior), African American Studies

     Black lesbians and Identity Management in Inner-City Los Angeles

Peter Fashing (Junior), Anthropology

     The conservation status of gelada monkeys across the Ethiopian Highlands: Determining the distribution, abundance, and phylogenetic relationships of the world’s remaining Theropithecus gelada populations 

Edward Knell (Junior), Anthropology

     Mojave Desert Archaeology Project: Terminal-Pleistocene/ Early HoloceneLand Use and Lithic Technological Organization around Lake Mojave, CA

Brian Norton (Junior), English, Comparative literature, and Linguistics

     Satisfactions of Being: Richard Steele and the Aesthetics of Happiness

Martha Webber (Junior), English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics

     English Studies and Engagement

Gayle Brunelle (Senior), History

     Tropical Chimeras - France in Guiana 1604-1763

Jochen Burgtorf (Senior), History

     Charters from the Crusader States of the Eastern Mediterranean (1099-1291)

Benjamin Cawthra (Junior), History

     The Redemptive Lens: Margaret Bourke-White's Photographs of the Italian Campaign

Kristine Dennehy (Senior), History

     “Post-Occupation Japan through American Eyes”

Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi (Junior), History

     The United States Peace Corps in Iran, 1962-1976

Lisa Tran (Senior), History

     Family History as World History

Robert Voeks (Senior), Geography

     Using Participatory Geographic Information Systems to Assess the Conservation Status of a Threatened Medicinal Plant Species in Southern Mozambique

Kevin Lambert (Senior), Liberal Studies

     Completion of chapter for my book, "Symbols and Things: Making British Physics 1800-1860

Nancy Segal (Senior), Psychology

     Genetic and Environmental Influence on Behavior: Research With Identical, Fraternal and Virtual Twin Pairs

Laura Watson (Senior), Psychology

     Profiling Health-Related Technology Use among Older Adults

Devon Thacker Thomas (Junior), Sociology

     All of the Punishments, and None of the Privileges? Examining Legal and Criminal Justice Responses to Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence


Adrian Fleissig (Senior), Economics

     Local Workforce Investment Boards and Long Term Employment

Carolyn Chang (Senior), Finance

     Quantitative Easing, Low Interest Rates Policy and the New Normal in the Catastrophe Market: Implications for California earthquake risk management program

Sinjini Mitra (Junior), ISDS

     Improving student performance in bottleneck Business courses via statistical models of early detection and intervention

Ofir Turel (Senior),ISDS

     Does the Use of Facebook Change Your Brain?

Yuna Kim (Junior), Marketing

     Monitoring Online Consumer Conversation for New Product Development Insights

Gerard Beenen (Junior), Management

     Career Exploration Scale Research Study


Jennifer Burnaford (Junior), Biological Science

     Understanding the effects of environmental conditions on susceptibility to herbivory for intertidal kelps

Merri Casem (Senior), Biological Science

     Black Widow Spider Embryogenesis

William Hoese (Senior), Biological Science

     They eyes have it: using eye tracking to determine how students interpret evolutionary trees

Marcelo Tolmasky (Senior), Biological Science

     Toward a solution of the drug resistance problem: prolonging the life span of currently available antibiotics

Christopher Tracy (Junior), Biological Science

     Effects of climate change on water loss and population survival of a Mojave Desert lizard

Danielle Zacherl (Senior), Biological Science

     Factors influencing intertidal distributions of native and non-native oysters

Madeline Rasche (Senior), Chemistry and Biochemistry

     Discovering the Function of New Proteins Needed for Microbial Methane Production

Diane Knott (Senior), Geological Sciences

     Shooting lasers at sand grains: Developing an exciting student research experience aimed at reconstructing California's tectonic history

Sean Loyd (Junior), Geological Sciences

     Exploring carbon sources for carbonate concretion formation in the Cretaceous Holz Shale

James Parham (Junior), Geological Sciences

     Defining the distribution and conservation status of newly discovered species of legless lizards in California

Adam Glesser (Junior), Mathematics

     Abstract Algebra Videos

Angel PIneda (Junior), Mathematics

     Task-Based Optimization of Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Anael Verdugo (Junior), Mathematics

     Mathematical Modeling of Iron Metabolism