2017-18 Junior/Senior Faculty Grant Recipients

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College of the Arts

Alvin Rangel-Alvarado, Theater and Dance
Lester Horton Technique Project
Yoon Chung Han, Art
California Drought Impact v3: Interactive Data Art to depict causes and impact of the California Drought
Ken Walicki, School of Music
Diversity, Love, and Compassion in the Age of Trump

College of Communications

Kristofer Brock, Human Communication Studies
The Effects of Movement on Communicative Tasks by Persons with Aphasia
Jason Shepard, Communications
The Censorship of ONE Magazine and the Supreme Court’s First Gay Rights Case
Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, Human Communication Studies
Investigating the Effects of Online Social Support on Suicidal Ideation Among College Students

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Pratanu Ghosh, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Zeolite based new generation concrete: Solution for sustainable and durable concrete structure    

College of Health and Human Development

Lilia Espinoza, Health Science
Evaluation of a culturally and linguistically adapted sexual health intervention for intergenerational Latinas

Rachel Fenning, Child and Adolescent Studies
Psychophysiological and neuropsychological profiles of children with comorbid ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Wura Jacobs, Health Science
ADD Health Nigeria

Tricia Kasamatsu, Kinesiology
Caring for Students after Concussion: A Collaborative Approach to Return-to-School

Janna Kim, Child and Adolescent Studies
Digital Media, Sexual Objectification, and Dating Violence: Exploring the Perceptions of Young Women of Color

Alice Lee, Health Science
The impact of infertility and its treatments on risk of ovarian cancer

Derek Pamukoff, Kinesiology
Walking Patterns and Joint Health in Obese Adults

Michelle Ramos, Child and Adolescent Studies
Adolescent Development of Punitive and Restorative Justice Perspectives: Impact of Teen Court Participation

Toby Rider, Kinesiology
Cold War Refugees: The Experiences of Eastern European Athletes Resettling in California

Adrian Rodriguez, Human Services
Transition to College for Native American Students: Risks and Protective Factors

Rosario Sakamoto, School of Nursing
Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Cognitive Function – PILOT STUDY

Kathleen Wilson Thomas, Kinesiology
Examining Parental Influence for Physical Activity: A Diary Study with Parent-Child Dyads

Sasha Zeedyk, Child and Adolescent Studies
Preparing families early:  The transition to college for youth with ASD

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Christina Chin, Sociology
(In)Visibility: Asian American and Pacific Islander Representation in Primetime Television

Christine Gardiner, Politics, Administration and Justice
Where do college cops work? An Analysis of Community Demographics

Angela-MinhTu Nguyen, Psychology
Women’s Identity Management and STEM Success: An Intervention

Ryan Nichols, Philosophy
Interdisciplinary Research on Kinship & Morality in Ancient China: Pioneering a new machine-learning approach with an authoritative corpus

Eliza Noh, Asian American Studies
Asian American Women and Suicide

Tyler Parry, African American Studies
Bound in Bondage: Slave Matrimony in the African Diaspora

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Adrian Fleissig, Economics
How Commercial and Industrial Property Owners Avoid Paying Higher Property Taxes

Ellen (Eunkyoo) Kim, Management
The impact of power distance on service evaluations

Chiranjeev Kohli, Marketing
Transforming Principles of Marketing: Evaluating the Use of Brand Management Simulation for Maxium Effectiveness: A Department-Wide Initiative

Golnaz Sadri, Management
Mihaylo Women’s Leadership Program: Sustaining Continuous Improvement

Fang Zhang, Economics
Global Spillover Effects of U.S. Uncertainty in Booms and Busts

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Joel Abraham, Biological Science
Characterizing authentic teaching experiences (ATEs) in the CSU system

Sinan Akciz, Geological Sciences
Earthquake Potential of the Santa Cruz Island Fault, California: West end of a neglected fault system that can produce M7.5 earthquakes through downtown LA.

Phillip Armstrong, Geological Sciences
Orientation of the Sierra Nevada Frontal Fault System in Owens Valley CA

Catherine Brennan, Biological Science
Studying the Intersection of Macrophage Inflammation and Metabolism in Drosophila

Bridget Druken, Mathematics
Investigating Mathematical Practices and Dispositions in Future K-8 Teachers at CSUF

Christopher Lyons, Mathematics
Mathematical investigations of mirror symmetry

Niroshika Monerawila Keppetipola, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Characterizing the Role of Ubiquitin in RNA Binding Protein Activity

Erin (Misty) Paig-Tran, Biological Science
Novel Biologically Inspired Filters Based on Manta Rays

Madeline Rasche, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Reconstructing a Metabolic Pathway in Escherichia coli to Facilitate Drug Discovery

Matthew Rathbun, Mathematics
A more general model for the topology of DNA-protein interactions

Melanie Sacco, Biological Science
Development of a Reverse Genetics System for Rose rosette virus

Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Science
Overcoming multidrug resistant infections