Acknowledgement Form (“Buckslip”)

Award documents take many forms depending on the type of sponsor and project. These documents require review and signature by the official institutional representative authorized to sign on behalf of the institution. The CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) assists the university in administering the various awards issued to CSUF. The Executive Director of the ASC is the authorized signing official.

The Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) is responsible for award document processing. The PI is notified of each new award by email and is also provided a copy of the award. OGC seeks PI acknowledgement and acceptance of award terms and conditions for a bilateral agreement, via the “Buckslip,” prior to signing award documents. This process ensures that the PI understands all programmatic requirements of an award. OGC utilizes the buckslip to notify the PI of any special requirements identified in an award document. This allows the PI to pay particular attention to those special provisions and inform OGC about requirements that are not acceptable, and/or inconsistent with the scope of work, deliverables and/or expectations. OGC will represent the PI in negotiating those programmatic provisions.