Post-Submission Requirements

Some funding agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), require additional information after the initial submission. The Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) coordinator and/or Research Grants Specialist assist the Principal Investigators (PI) in keeping track of post-submission requirements, following the guidelines posted by the sponsor.

For example, the NIH “Just-in-Time (JIT) mechanism allows applicants to submit additional grant application information that is requested by the funding agency after initial peer review. Applicants only submit JIT documents after receiving a JIT request from the funding agency. University signing officials (i.e., OGC) have the authority to submit JIT information.

There are funders who may require after-submission phone discussions with the PI and university leadership, or site visits to discuss the proposal application and/or institutional capabilities. The OGC coordinator and/or Research Grant Specialist assist in scheduling or coordinating such requests.