Reviewers' Feedback/Resubmission

Generally, the Principal Investigator (PI) receives the Summary Statement from the funding agency, providing the proposal “score.” The summary usually details the proposal’s strengths and weaknesses.

When a proposal is unsuccessful, the PI normally has the option to respond to the reviewers’ comments and resubmit, or may decide to find another funding opportunity that better fits the type of project being proposed.


The Office of Research Development (ORD) assists in analyzing the comments provided by the reviewers and, upon request, helps the PIs prepare responses to the comments provided. An ORD staff or a grant writer may be assigned to edit or rewrite the project narrative, as appropriate. The Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) assists in the actual resubmission of the proposal.

Finding Alternate Funding

If the PI decides to find alternate funding opportunities, the ORD staff will provide support to facilitate these efforts. Please see Finding FundingOpens in new window