Scholars Transforming Through Research  (STR) 

Alexandria, Virginia 
Deadline: September 7, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST

The STR Program is a six-month enhanced program event that has replaced Posters on the Hill and REU Symposium while drawing on their successes. The STR program is a unique professional development opportunity for faculty/mentors and undergraduate research students. Per the announcement below, in teams of up to three - two students and one team leader - participants will garner communication and advocacy skills to leverage the impact of their undergraduate research experience by conveying their story to stakeholder groups such as funding agencies, association partners, elected officials, future employers, community members, and beyond".

The six-month program begins with a two-day in-person training in Virginia with subsequent webinars.  This is an incredible opportunity for faculty/mentors and our undergraduate students to gain invaluable insight and experience in translating the impact of scholarly, creative and research activities on campus!  Applications are accepted in the following disciplines: arts and humanities, biology, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, health sciences, mathematics/computer science, physics/astronomy, psychology, social sciences, interdisciplinary and other.

Undergraduates can submit an abstract describing their research in any of CUR's divisions: arts and humanities, biology, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, health sciences, mathematics/computer science, physics/astronomy, psychology and social sciences.

CSUF students were accepted to present at Posters on the Hill in 2020, 2017, 2016 and 2015, so we know you have what it takes! Please consider applying for this prestigious opportunity!

Event Date:

This program will kick off at an in-person, two-day training event on October 23-24, 2022, in Alexandria, VA. 


Submissions will be due on or before September 7, 2022. 

How to apply:

Visit CUR's Scholars Transforming Through Research (STR) 2022 website. Students submit an application via the CUR website. Ask your faculty mentor for more information on creating and submitting an abstract and complete the application. Abstracts should clearly explain your project and discuss the importance of the work to society (i.e., the larger problem being addressed). Again, check out the specific intructions.PDF File  IMPORTANT: Students submit this application, not faculty

Additional information requested on the application:

- CUR membership: CSUF is an institutional member of CUR

- CSUF Government Relations Officer: Annie Yea (

- Name(s) and email(s) of any additional individuals that you wish to be notified should you be accepted to present: Dr. Archana McEligot, UROC Faculty Director (



Email with any questions

2020 Posters on the Hill CSUF Winner

Isaiah Thompson
Division: Arts and Humanities
Poster Title: Lessons from the Finkenwalde Seminary (1935–1937): The Rejection of Racism in Nazi Germany
Faculty Adviser: Jochen Burgtorf

2017 Posters on the Hill CSUF Winner

Ashley Elizabeth Le-Pham 
Division: Chemistry 
Poster Title: Starch Bioengineering—An Attempt to Combat Global Food Insecurity 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher R Meyer

2016 Posters on the Hill CSUF Winners

Brenna Crawford Biggs 
Division: Chemistry
Poster Title: A Sustainable Alternative Energy Device to Convert Carbon Dioxide to Power 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. John L Haan 
Alysia Renee Vazquez, Chelsea Cordoba, Anna Ly, and Joo Hee Julie Park 
Poster Title: Jumpstart Program and its Impact on Low-income Preschool Children’s Language, Literacy, and Social Development
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shu-Chen Jenny Yen

2015 Posters on the Hill CSUF Winner

Haroon Khan 
Division: Physics/Astronomy 
Poster Title: Simulating Colliding Black Holes for Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Faculty Mentor: Geoffrey Lovelace