In alignment with the university policies currently in place, all the non-essential, on-campus ASSURE-US project activities will remain suspended until May 22, 2020. All project activities, including any planned workshops and professional development activities, will be conducted virtually. Please visit the ASSURE-US project website for further updates.

Advancing Student Success by Utilizing Relevant Social-Cultural and Academic Experiences

for Undergraduate Engineering, Computer Science StudentsAssure-US grant group

About Us:

ASSURE-US is an NSF funded project aimed to enhance Student Learning Experiences in Engineering and Computer Sciences at lower-division years. The project employs early intervention strategies to help students succeed.

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  • Recieve Financial and Academic Support
  • Engaging Real World Experiences
  • Networking and Internship opportunities
  • Participation Incentives: Scholarships, Textbooks, and Gift Cards
  • Peer Mentorship opportunities
  • Advancing Student Success
  • Collaborative Learning


  • Must be   a   Freshman or Sophomore enrolled in Engineering or Computer Science majors
  • Underrepresented students, such as Hispanic and female, are highly encouraged to apply


Events CalEndAr (Click event to rsvp!)

  • March 23-27
    STIC Faculty/Industry Professionals Experience Sharing
  • April 13-17
    Family and Community Engagement
  • April 27- May 1
    STIC Student Success Workshop
  • Summer Dates TBD
    Student Summer Research Experiences


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