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I am most pleased that you have found us on the web.  As you proceed to explore the College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) at California State University, Fullerton you will find exciting programs in a truly high-tech environment with world-class faculty.

CSUF is a comprehensive, regional university, where students graduate with a global outlook. Situated in Orange County some thirty five miles from Los Angeles International Airport, CSUF straddles some of the most innovative technical organizations in the world. They range from aerospace companies and medical instrument manufactures to energy producers and entertainment giants.

Our mission is simple. We want to educate engineers and computer scientists who will graduate with state-of-the-art knowledge in their chosen field and are ready to embark on careers in industry and government or proceed to acquire advanced degrees in their own or related fields. More and more of our graduates are also interested in being entrepreneurs, thanks to the success of so many young people on the west coast who have become successful in creating wealth via technology.

We are proud that our students form a diverse community and that they possess a keen sense of social responsibility. If you are a high school student from Southern California, please visit us personally to see how accessible we are and what choices you have here that you may not have elsewhere. If you are a community college student contemplating transfer, please contact the Assistant Dean's Office to arrange a visit. CSUF has one of the highest transfer student populations within the Cal State System.

If you are viewing us from a location outside California and are interested in our undergraduate programs, you may be surprised to learn about the quality and affordability of the programs within ECS. For those who are considering our graduate programs, the richness and variety of the offerings must be of interest. These programs are also extremely cost effective. Whether you are an international student or you are a working professional within driving distance of the campus, the program here is designed to meet your needs.

Now that you have taken the first step of viewing us, please take the second and third in order to ultimately become a student here. The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers exciting opportunities that will serve you a lifetime.

Susan Barua

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