Study Plan

The following Study Plan document will outline the proper updated procedures to adhere to when submitting your Study Plan.

You can download the Study Plan hereOpens in new window

Your graduate advisor will assist in the approval of these study plans prior  to the completion of  13 units .

Study plans can be submitted to Dr. Nair during the semester via email at

**IMPORTANT**: It is your responsibility to follow up and confirm whether your Study Plan has been approved by your graduate advisor or if it requires corrections/modifications.

Here are a few general reminders for graduate students:

  • It is the responsibility of every graduate student to be aware of their prerequisites and/or deficiencies and any other requirements listed on their Graduate Department Recommendation (GDR) Form.
  • It is also crucial to complete all such prerequisite or deficiency requirements much before the end of the semester in which the student plans to graduate (plan ahead).
  • Lastly, it is imperative for every graduate student to read the MS handbookPDF File Opens in new window to be aware of all the procedures and policies