Electrical Engineering Degree Program Advising

Undergraduate (BS) and Graduate (MS) Advising

Dr. Karim Hamidian
Room: E-217
Phone: 657-278-3013
Send an email to schedule an advising appointment

Computer Engineering Degree Program Advising

Computer Science (CS) Advising:

CpE Undergraduate (BS) Advising:

  • Advising will be conducted via Zoom (see  #1 below)

CpE Integrated (BS-MS) Advising:

  • For any questions regarding the integrated 4-year BS-MS program, please email Dr. Faller.

CpE Graduate (MS) Advising:

Graduate advising is not available during breaks, holidays, and the finals week

Students need to make an appointment with Dr. Nair via email at least 5 days in advance

  • Dr. Nair, Graduate Advisor, Computer Engineering 
  • E-Mail:
  • Spring 2023 Graduate Advising - MS in Computer Engineering
  • Time: Thursdays 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM and 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

The list of questions (1-16) in the next section pertain ONLY to Computer Engineering undergraduate students.

1. How to schedule an appointment with advisors?

CpE Undergraduate Advising only

Undergraduate Advising 

Regular Advising:

No walk in hours, an appointment is required
Dr. Faller's email address is
  • Good Academic Standing? - Please schedule an advising session hereOpens in new window
    • Advising session appointments must be made through TitanNet
    • 20 minute sessions
    • If your CWID ends in an ODD number - Mandatory Fall Advising
    • If your CWID ends in an EVEN number - Mandatory Spring Advising
  • On Academic Notice? - See #14 below.
  • Availability:
    • M, W, and F - 10:00 am - 11:00 am
    • F - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    • Zoom link will be emailed to you
    • If these times don't work for you, please email Dr. Faller directly.

Please Keep in Mind:

  • Your future appointments may be declined if you do not show up after making an appointment
  • Only make one appointment
    • Appointments are limited and, when you make multiple appointments, you remove a space(s) someone else could have used
  • If you can't make a scheduled appointment, you must cancel/reschedule
    • Minimum notice required for canceling/rescheduling an appointment is 24 hours
  • If you are having trouble with TitanNET, please email Dr. Faller indicating the type (i.e., good standing or probation), date, and time of the desired appointment

2. How should I plan my studies?

This is an editable flowchartPDF File Opens in new window  for you to use. Please use it to draft a study plan before meeting with an advisor if you need to discuss your study plan. Please see this YouTube videoOpens in new window  for instructions on using this flowchart.

NOTE: the advising session is all digital. Do not bring paper copies. Computers will be available for you to use during the session.

3. Where are the advising sessions held?

Group Sessions - Zoom

Individual Sessions (students on academic probation only) - Zoom

4. What is advising and what is the requirement?

Academic advising is an opportunity to review your progress toward your degree.

Undergraduate students are required to meet with an advisor once a year. If this requirement is not met, an administrative hold will be placed on your records automatically, and you won’t be able to register for classes.

5. Who should I meet for advising? 

For Freshmen and Sophomores -   ECS Student Success CenterOpens in new window

For Juniors and Seniors in  good standing - Group advising with a CpE advisor

For Juniors and Seniors on academic probation - Individual advising with a CpE advisor


  • For Freshmen and Sophomores, meeting with a staff member at ECS Student Success Center counts toward the once per year advising requirement.
  • For Juniors and Seniors, meeting with a staff member at ECS Student Success Center does NOT count toward the once per year advising requirement.
  • For Juniors and Seniors, meeting with the CpE program counts toward the once per year advising requirement.
  • Staff members at ECS Student Success Center may refer you to the CpE program after your meeting with them if it is necessary for your case.

6. How to contact advisors?

If you contact advisors via email, make sure you include your CWID.

To contact ECS Student Success CenterOpens in new window for advising.

To contact the CpE program for advising questions.

7. How to cancel or reschedule your advising appointments?

For appointments made with ECS Student Success Center, contact them directly for cancellation and rescheduling. For appointments made with the CpE program: To cancel an appointment, use the appointment app. Cancellation is only allowed if it is at least 24 hours before the start of the original appointment. To reschedule an appointment, use the appointment app. Rescheduling is only allowed if it is at least 24 hours before the start of the original appointment.

8. Which tech electives should I take?

See our list for info on tech electives.Opens in new window

9. What is my registration date?

 See here for the registration calendarOpens in new window .

11. What is the repeat policy?

See here for information on repeat policyOpens in new window .

12. How do I apply for graduation (grad check)?

See here for information on applying for graduationOpens in new window .

13. International Student Study Plans and Extension Letters

Students requesting a study plan and/or SACM extension will need to follow-up with the ECS International Student AdvisorOpens in new window

14. Students on Academic Notice (formerly called Academic Probation)

Please see the ECS Students on Academic NoticeOpens in new window page.

15. Interested in declaring a minor?

Please see the Registrations and Records - Minor/Major Change FormOpens in new window website.

Many of our students are interested in getting a CS minor. For information on a CS minor, please see the CS handbookOpens in new window .

16. Any other questions?

Please contact the Computer Engineering office at