2023 ECS Student Project Innovation Expo

Award Winners

Thank you to all who participated in this year's ECS Student Project Innovation Expo. Congratulations to all the Winning Teams!


Best Project Overall ($1000)

Mitral Valve Crease Identification and Prevention


1st Runner-Up ($750)

Automation and Deployment of Hardened Virtual Machines using VMware and Chef


2nd Runner-Up ($500)

Titan AUV


Honorable Mention ($250)

Assistive glasses


Best Project in Civil and Enviromental Engineering ($500)

Computation of Corrosion Initiation Time for Zeolite Based HPC and High-Quality Rebars


Best Project in Computer Science ($500)

Automatically Responding to Mentions of Food in Social Media Posts to Reduce Food Waste


Best Project in Electrical and Computer Engineering ($500)

Sub-Orbital Launch and Recovery System (SOLAR System) for Microgravity/High Altitude Experiments


Best Project in Mechanical Engineering ($500)

Food Pantry Accessibility


Best Project Legacy ($500)

Formula SAE