Mission Statement

Electrical Engineering Department has the same Mission Statement as does the University, which states:

Learning is preeminent at California State University, Fullerton. We aspire to combine the best qualities of teaching and research universities where actively engaged students, faculty, and staff work in close collaboration to expand knowledge. Our affordable undergraduate and graduate programs provide students the best of current practice, theory, and research and integrate professional studies with preparation in the arts and sciences. Through experiences in and out of the classroom, students develop the habit of intellectual inquiry, prepare for challenging professions, strengthen relationships to their communities and contribute productively to society. We are a comprehensive, regional university with a global outlook, located in Orange County, a technologically rich and culturally vibrant area of metropolitan Los Angeles. Our expertise and diversity serve as a distinctive resource and catalyst for partnerships with public and private organizations. We strive to be a center of activity essential to the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of our region.



The goals of the Electrical Engineering Department are as follows:

  • To provide the best of current practice, theory, research and intellectual study in the humanities to prepare students for challenging careers in electrical engineering, strengthen relationships to their communities and contribute ethically and productively to society.
  • To educate students who, actively engage with faculty and staff, work in collaboration to acquire and expand knowledge.
  • To provide service to the profession, the state of California, the country and to the worldwide development of electrical engineering.

A critical focus of the education, research, and service programs within the department of Electrical Engineering is to afford undergraduates of varying backgrounds and abilities every opportunity for achieving success in the electrical engineering professions.