Eligibility Criteria

  1. Open to teams of up to six students in good standing at a California State University campus.
  2. Students are of legal age  in their state, province or country of residence as of the date of entry.
  3. A participating campus may field only one team.
  4. At least two students in the team are registered as a full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate student majoring in computer science or engineering.
  5. Each Project Team must designate one individual as the “Project Team Leader” (for contact purposes).
  6. Each team must be advised by 1-2 faculty members from their campus. One faculty advisor must be from a computer science or engineering department. The faculty advisor(s) will oversee the development of both the software and business plan components of the solution.
  7. Each Team may participate on only one design project or application.



It is recommended that at least two team members are registered as a full- or part-time undergraduate or graduate student majoring in a business-related discipline since the team must develop a business plan as part of the solution.

Project Team Leader Role

The Project Team Leader is responsible for submitting the Entry on the Project Team’s behalf in which all official members of the Project Team will be listed and for obtaining all Project Team members’ signatures on any releases or documents that GE Digital and CSUF may require.

The Project Team Leader’s submission of an Entry constitutes agreement of these Official Rules by all Project Team members.

Submit the names of faculty advisor(s) as part of the entry form which must be submitted by the Team Leader.



Individuals that are employees and/or agents of GE Digital as of the date of the submission of a fully completed online entry form, and such individual’s immediate family (including spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, step-children, step-parents and in-laws) and members of the same household, are prohibited from entering this Challenge.

In the event that an individual or any member of a Project Team does not meet the eligibility requirements set forth in these Rules, the individual and/or entire Project Team will be disqualified.