Personal Statement

Personal Statement

GOAL: For admissions committee members to understand who you are as a person and why you have choose your selected profession.

  • Please follow the character count the professional application system has provided.
  • Should address the following:
    • Your motivation for professional school
    • Your story – what makes you unique
    • Your qualifications and experiences
  • Be honest! If you lie or exaggerate about an experience, you may find yourself in an awkward position when asked in an interview to describe
  • Take time to do the following:
    • Prepare and gather information to include (e.g., your resume, journal, etc)
    • Draft
    • Review and proofread
    • Get feedback from the Health Professions Advising Office, Career Center, and/or Writing Center
    • Finalize



On Campus Resources

If you would like assistance with writing your personal statement, the following on-campus resources are available:

  • CSUF Writing Center: Available to current CSUF students only
    • To schedule an appointment please visit the Writing Center’s website or call the Writing Center at (657) 278-3650.
  • Career Center: Current Students, Members of Alumni Association, and Current Alumni (within 1 year of graduation)
  • Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mouttapa, by visiting the front page of our website or by phoning our office at 657-278-3980