Podiatric medicine involves the study of human movement and focuses on the medical care of the foot and ankle. A doctor of podiatric medicine specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of foot disorders, diseases, and injuries.  Podiatric doctors can often identify more serious health problems by examining the lower extremities, and therefore are often very important in preventative care and early detection of more serious health issues. Podiatrists can work in general or group practices, and may also specialize in pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, or other care.

Four years of study are required in order to obtain a degree in podiatric medicine, with two years dedicated to the sciences, and the other two to clinical work and patient care. After graduating, students enter a residency for two to three years. A minimum of one year of postgraduate residency training in an approved healthcare institution is required, and two are needed for a board certification. Podiatric students in residency may choose specific rotations to go into, and may also become certified in a specialty.


Cal State Fullerton does not have a Podiatric Medicine Program. This page serves as a resource for students.

Before You Begin


  • Traditionally the MCAT has been the only standardized test required for admission to the colleges of podiatric medicine. However, colleges will accept GRE or US DAT in lieu of the MCAT.
  • MCAT and US DAT exams taken more than 3 years prior to application is not accepted

Pre-requisite Courses

Common Pre-Podiatry Prerequisite Courses
Pre-Reqs Courses
One Year of Coursework with Lab (dependent on your major) BIOL 151 & BIOL 152
One Year of Coursework with Lab CHEM 120A & CHEM 120B
One Year of Coursework with Lab CHEM 301A & CHEM 301B (LAB: 302)

One Year of Coursework with lab

Please note: Undergraduate major may determine physics requirement

  • PHYS 211 (LAB : 211L) &
  • PHYS 212 (LAB: 212L)
One year is required for most podiatry schools in the country. ENGL 101 & ENGL 301
Suggested Courses
Pre-Reqs Courses
Math is not required but recommended. Math 115/130/150A/150B/338
Basic or advanced level science courses are not required but recommended.
  • Genetics: BIOL 273
  • Physio: BIOL 310 (LAB: 310L)
  • Molec Bio: BIOL 309
  • Microbio: BIOL 302
  • Biochem: Chem 421 (lab: CHEM 422)
  • For biochem majors: CHEM 423A & CHEM 423B (LAB: 422)
Not required but recommended. Check with individual schools. If the school requires an MCAT, then introductory psychology and sociology are highly recommended.
  • PSYC 101
  • SOCI 101

Transcripts & Coursework

  • Students need to submit official transcripts for every institution attended directly from the Office of Registrar
  • To make sure your official transcript is handled properly by AACPMAS, you should print the AACPMAS Official Transcript Request Form (found on the left side of the Institutions Attended page) and give that to your Registrar's Office to include with your transcript when it is mailed to AACPMAS
    • We suggest that you request two copies of your transcripts, one to be mailed to AACPMAS and one to be mailed to you. The copy of the transcript mailed to you directly can be utilized to complete your AACPMAS application. In the application you will be required to input all coursework completed, thus having an official transcript to reference can expedite the completion of this section
  • Transcripts should be to:

AACPMAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box 9200
Watertown, MA 02471

For further information on how to input foreign coursework on your application, please visit the provided the AACPMAS application site.

Letters of Evaluation

  • Letters of evaluation are sent directly to the colleges
  • Letter requirements vary per college thus students need to verify with each program on what they require.
  • Please note which colleges will accept electronic letters of evaluation from letter services.
  • Once a student has identified which colleges they are applying to, please see Jessica Ruiz, ItoA Specialist, for further details on how to proceed with this portion of your application.


If your AACPMAS application was mailed to programs last cycle, you are eligible to have your application information imported to the new cycle. Please click the large blue “Reapplying to AACPMAS?” button on the login page to proceed with creating a re-applicant account. Do not click “create new account” on the home page.

  • Please note that payments, personal statements and transcripts containing updated coursework will not be carried over and must be resubmitted.

If you application was not mailed AACPMAS can not carry over any application material thus students need to create a new account and resubmit all information

Submitting Application

  • AACPMAS will not process your application until transcripts, fee payment and application have been successfully submitted
  • Before submitting PROOFREAD EVERYTHING!!
  • Check your application status often!

The AACPMAS website has many resources posted for its users. Please take a moment to explore the site to become familiar to the application process. For your convenience a link has been provided.

Additionally, students can call 617.612.2900 and speak to an AACPMAS representative about specific questions pertaining to their applications. We strongly encourage you to always remain polite and professional when speaking to any member of AACPMAS (and HPAO) staff. Students can also contact AACPMAS by emailing them at aacpmasinfo@aacpmas.org