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Information Technology's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Vice President Rommel Hidalgo The Division of Information Technology stands with our diverse campus community. It is a community that is indicative of our rich cultural landscape. From Orange County residents to our international students, each member of this community is what makes Cal State Fullerton the renowned institution that it is.
The Division of IT is dedicated to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI). We have set forth diversity goals, which are constantly monitored and evaluated, to improve our practices in managing DEI. We hope this page helps showcase some of the strides we have taken to uphold the tenants of DEI.
Our individual experiences and stories build the structure that is academic and personal excellence. By talking with, listening to, and sharing stories, we can better understand the world around us. Together as a community, we use this knowledge to spur innovation, transformation, and create a better tomorrow.

Rommel Hidalgo
Vice President for Information Technology/CIO

Division of Information Technology Team in 2022

In the Division of Information Technology, we advocate DEI practices by continuing to:

  • Ensure search committees are diverse and inclusive in their demographic characteristics as well and in their expertise
  • Advertise on diverse and inclusive job boards as well as in publications aimed at women
  • Mandate Cultural Competency 101 Training for new employees
  • Bring awareness to our use inclusive language to bring everyone into the group and exclude no one
  • Participate in educational programing led by HRDI
  • Commit to Educause DEI along with other system-wide CIOsOpens in new window
  • Monitor and evaluate diversity goals and achievement to improve our practices in managing DEI

Diverse Search Committees, with icons of different shaded figurines Diverse and Inclusive Job Boards with an illustration of a job bulletin Training with an illustration of a person pointing to a board Always learning and always growing with an illustration of a plant

2016 to 2019 Staff Recognition Awards

Inclusive Organizational Excellence

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging is at the core of who we are, as highlighted in Goal 3 of the IT Strategic PlanOpens in new window . We recognize and celebrate the diversity amongst us. Goal 3 objectives include:

  1. Examine the existing IT climate to identify and implement engagement strategies.
  2. Broaden the current professional development program.
  3. Establish workplace transparency across the Division.
  4. Advance ubiquitous communication within IT and across the University.

2019 IT Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Inclusive Leadership Development Overview

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Survey
  • Ongoing Sessions
  • Action Planning
  • Finalize Plan

Demographics of IT


Demographic breakdown by ethnicity, see data below

Demographics of IT


Demographic breakdown by gender, see data below

Demographics of IT - Ethnicity

  • Asian - 44%
  • Black/African American - 7%
  • Hispanic/Latino - 11%
  • American Indian/Alaska Native - 1%
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander - 1%
  • Not Specified - 5%
  • Two or More Ethnicities/Race - 1%
  • White - 30%

Demographics of IT - Gender

  • Female - 31%
  • Male - 69%