Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based platform used by faculty to deliver course materials and communicate with students.

Why is CSUF evaluating LMS?

Changes in pedagogy and technology encourage a regular evaluation of the systems that are needed to meet those needs. The current LMS is a locally hosted open-source Moodle system and is no longer sustainable.

What is the difference between TITANium and Moodle?

TITANium is the CSUF branded name for our locally-hosted open source Moodle LMS. 

What is the desired outcome of the evaluation?

The goal of the evaluation is to select a LMS that best meets the teaching, learning, administrative, and technical needs of CSUF.

Is Moodle going away?

The current Moodle system will be replaced with a new solution. There will be a transition period in Summer 2020 to Spring 2021. 

Will Moodle be considered in the evaluation process?

 The locally-hosted Moodle system will not be considered. However, the cloud-based Moodle system will be considered in the evaluation process.

Who will be conducting the evaluation process?

A campus-wide LMS evaluation task force has been assembled with representatives from faculty, students and administrators. View representatives on the LMS evaluation task force page.

When will the evaluation take place?

The LMS evaluation task force began to finalize criteria and determine which products to evaluate in Fall 2019. They will begin evaluating the selected LMS solutions starting Spring 2020. A full timeline is available on the LMS Project website.

What criteria will be used in selecting a new LMS?

Members of the LMS evaluation task force are charged with establishing specific evaluation criteria. The established criteria will be posted when it becomes available.

What happens to Moodle when the decision is made to change CSUF's LMS?

There will be a period to transition to the new LMS in Summer 2020 to Spring 2021. 

When it's time to change CSUF's LMS, will there be early adopters of the solution?

We will introduce the new LMS solution to early adopters in Summer 2020.

What is the expected implementation schedule?

The project timeline is available for review. The timeline and details about implementation are subject to change.

How can I provide feedback to the LMS evaluation task force?

We welcome any feedback you have about the new LMS solution here. If you have any questions, you may email