VoIP - Upgraded Telephone System

IT will be upgrading the campus telephones throughout the summer.  Softphones are available for those who want them and desk phones are also available.  The softphone application is a CSUF branded app made by Voipswitch.  All non-state departments (not funded from the General Fund) will be recharged for the upgrade and equipment costs.  State departments will not be charged for the new soft or desk phones.
Future enhancements coming in the fall include softphones on mobile devices, phone portal, and an Outlook and browser toolbar.

Feature Code Activation
Deactivation Code What does it do?
Call Forward Always *72 *73 Forwards all call to another extension
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call *67 n/a Blocks your extension from being seen on the next outbound call
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking Persistent *31 #31 Blocks your extension from being seen on all future outbound calls
Call Park *68 n/a Parks a call (on hold) so you can retrieve it from another phone
Call Park Retrieve *88 n/a Retrieves a parked call
Call Pickup *98 n/a Answers a phone in your call pickup group
Clear Voice Message Waiting Indicator *99 n/a Turns off the message waiting light until next message arrives
Direct Voicemail Transfer Press Xfer & dial *55 or 6525 n/a Transfers a caller directly to a voicemail box
Do Not Disturb *78 *79 Forwards all your calls to voicemail; callers hear your busy greeting
Last Number Redial *66 n/a Redials the last number you dialed
Voicemail Retrieval *86 n/a Accesses your voicemail messages directly
Voice Portal Access *62 n/a Accesses your voicemail box main menu


I have multiple lines on my phone, how do i check the messages on the other ext.?
There are multiple ways to check voicemail, from on campus, dial 2525, followed by *, you will be prompted for your mailbox ID (aka- voicemail box number)  then press #, enter your password, then # (pound ).  From off campus, dial (657) 278-2525 you will be prompted for your mailbox ID (aka- voicemail box number)  then press #, enter your password, then # (pound ). 

I am trying to change my “Out of Office greeting and I  cannot find it?
The Clearspan voicemail diagram  can be found below, it will assist in navigating you to where you need to go.  The correct location to change your “Out of Office” greeting is under “No Answer greeting”

What is the difference between “No Answer” and “Busy Greeting”?
Your Busy greeting will be played if you are on a call or have your ‘Do Not Disturb’ active.   Your ‘No Answer Greeting’ will be played if  the call is not answered.

I'm locked out of OR can't get into my voicemail box. What do I do?
Call extension 7777 (or from off campus call 657-278-7777). The staff at the Call Center have been trained to reset voicemail passwords.

When I'm listening to a message, how can I know when it arrived?
Press 5 while listening to a message and the time and date stamp will be played.

Will callers be able to press 0 when they reach my voicemail to be transferred to my personal operator?
This feature is available upon request.  To request this feature, please have your Dept IT Coordinator request this via IT Service Request form.

How to Delete all Voicemail Messages from Your Campus Telephone  
After logging into your voicemail box, press 1.
Press 7 to delete all of your voicemail messages (both new and saved).
Press 1 to confirm the deletion of all your voicemail messages - OR - press * to cancel.

NOTE:  The campus email and voicemail systems do not communicate with each other. Therefore, the light on your telephone will not turn off when you listen to or delete a voicemail message within your email account.  If you don't use your telephone to listen to messages, it is highly recommended that at least once a week you follow the process to delete all your voicemail messages from your phone (shown below).

The Clearspan Voicemail Tutorial Video is a seven minute video that covers all the basic features of the upgraded voicemail system.

The Clearspan Voicemail Diagram PDF File shows what to push to get to each available option within the upgraded voicemail system.

The Clearspan Voicemail PDF File Quick Reference Guide is a quick explanation of the voicemail features.

The Voicemail: ESNA vs Clearspan  PDF File Quick Reference Guide shows the differences between the old system and the upgraded system.  For example, to delete a message in the upgraded system you will press 7; whereas in the old system, you pressed 3.