Titan Digital Signage Project

As part of the Division of Information Technology’s Strategic goal of implementing technologies to proactively communicate with and engage the campus community, IT will commence an ongoing effort to install outdoor and indoor digital signs and wayfinding maps.

The content of the digital signage will be dynamic, pertinent to community of users of the area that the signage is installed in, and controllable by the academic and administrative units of those areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Titan Digital Signage project?

The Titan Digital Signage project is part of a campus-wide effort to align with the University’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan (Goal 1) of enhancing the Titan Experience, including student participation in events, student pride, and connection to the university. The project also supports IT’s Strategic Plan goal of enhancing the distribution of digital educational content.

What is the funding source for the Titan Digital Signage project?

No student fees were used. The project is paid for by a contract with Sprint. No budget was taken away from general funds (money from the legislature.)

Is Sprint advertising on the signs?

No, the details of the agreement are:


The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) established the Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS) service in 1963 to be used for transmission of instructional material to accredited public and private schools, colleges, and universities for the students. The bandwidth licenses in the 2500-2690 was set aside for educational use only.

CSU Fullerton acquired FCC licenses to transmit educational broadcasts. CSU Fullerton joined four other FCC licensee southern California CSU campuses, CSU Long Beach, CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Pomona, to form a coordinated consortium called  CALNET. 

In 2018, the CALNET Consortium and CSUF re-negotiated our lease agreement to provide a one time increase of one million dollars to launch the digital signage project.

The FCC allows the leasing of unused channels to third parties as long as the minimum broadcasting of educational content transmission is maintained. The revenue generated from the lease agreement with Sprint/CALNET funds the Titan Digital Signage Project. 

What is the timeline?

Phase 1 Deployment:

  • Four large outdoor displays on exterior building walls
  • Five 85” outdoor displays on Titan Walk and the Promenade
  • Twenty 75” indoor displays in academic building lobbies
  • Twenty wayfinding maps

What are some key benefits of the Titan Digital Signage?

  • Distribution of digital educational content
  • Up-to-date content generated by Colleges, Divisions, and Departments
  • Livestream of Titan TV and campus events
  • Timely campus-wide emergency notification
  • Timely distribution of  information such as class schedules

Who controls the messaging on these signs?

Colleges, departments and divisions.  For access requests to the Carousel system, please submit your request with Dean / Manager approval to your respective area to helpdesk@fullerton.edu or via Helpdesk Call Center (657) 278-7777

What are the additional costs involved with powering and maintaining these signs?

The costs to operate and maintain the Titan Digital Signage will be funded through the agreement with Sprint/CALNET.

When will all the signs be operational?

Most of the signs are up now, the rest will be up by the end of the Fall 2019 semester.

How will these signs be deployed in the event of a campus emergency?

The Division of Information Technology (IT) and the University Police Department have developed protocols in the event of an emergency.

How do we get our events and activities publicized on these digital billboards?

To submit content for display on the outdoor 85" digital signs and Planar walls, please email your 1920 px by 1080 px graphic (Main Campus Signs) or TSU Planar  and  Cashiers Counter Planar  Main Display dimensions should be wide banner format 1024 px (width) by 384 px (height) as an attachment in either JPG or PNG format (under 5 MB size) to helpdesk@fullerton.edu with the following information:

  • Start and end date for your sign to be displayed in a two week calendar period
  • List of  outdoor displays (Titan Walk, Promenade, Titan Gym outdoor) where you would like to post your sign
  • Please ensure that your graphic is ATI compliant prior to submission.  Also, most custom designed logo's will not pass Campus Strategic Communications approval- please visit https://brand.fullerton.edu CSUF Branding Website for more information.  

Requests are reviewed and approved by University Advancement and Division of IT.  Please allow time for review and approval.


For access requests to the Carousel system, please submit your request with Dean / Manager approval to your respective area to  helpdesk@fullerton.edu  or via Helpdesk Call Center (657) 278-7777

Titan Digital Signage Standards and Guidelines

The standards and guidelines comprising the Titan Digital Signage Standards and Guidelines apply to all digital signs at Cal State Fullerton that are owned and operated by academic or administrative units.

  • The Division of Information Technology will develop standardized channel layouts for all Digital Content Contributors. User readability will be maintained between buildings and monitors.
  • Digital Signage content must adhere to Cal State Fullerton visual and content standards. Please refer to   CSUF Brand Central for the university's brand guidelines.
  • Digital Content Contributors will be able to edit the main content that appears on pre-determined zones of each channel.
  • Twitter zones automatically display content from the Twitter pages of Cal State Fullerton (@csuf), President Fram Virjee (@TitanPrezVirjee), Cal State Fullerton Athletics (@FullertonTitans), and the University Police Department (@csufpd). 
  • All announcement bulletins posted to the 85" displays, lobby displays, and Planar wall displays should be 1920 px (width) by 1080 px (height) in .JPG or PNG format (no PDF's will be accepted) keeping sizes manageable (under 5mb). TSU Planar and Cashiers Counter Planar Main Display dimensions should be wide banner format 1024 px (width) by 384 px (height).   Please submit all requests to the Helpdesk at helpdesk@fullerton.edu 
  • The  CSU Accessible Technology InitiativeOpens in new window  (ATI) is the effort by the California State University (CSU) system to ensure that information and communication technology (ICT) is accessible to all students, faculty, staff, and the wider community. To ensure that your digital signage content is ATI compliant, please refer to the    ATI website.  Also, most custom designed logo's will not pass approval- please visit https://brand.fullerton.edu CSUF Branding Website for more information.  

Channel Layouts

Option 1

Digital Signage Template Option 1

Option 2

Digital Signage Template Option 2

Option 3

Digital Signage Template Option 3

Option 4

Titan Digital Signage Layout Option 4

Wayfinding Maps

In addition to digital signs, indoor and outdoor digital touchscreen displays will be deployed to assist with campus navigation. Note that the Titan Digital Signage system is NOT used to manage wayfinding displays. These displays are managed by the Division of Information Technology using another system.

Mihaylo wayfinding display