Titan Computing Hub


The Titan Computing Hub offers high-performance computing for the Cal State Fullerton to further the advancement of research, teaching and learning.  The current computing hub resources are provided by National Reserach Platform (NRP).

Students who would like to use this resource for their courses, please contact your faculty or project advisor.


The JupyterHub provided by National Research Platform (NRP) currently has no storage that is suitable for HIPAA PID FISMA FERPA , or protected data of any kind. Users are not permitted to store such data on NRP machines.

By Clicking JupyterHub (Nautilus) button, you agree with the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Environment is strictly monitored and users who do not adhere to AUP can be restricted from future use.
Users have perisistent storage but not guaranteed to be permanent and data can be deleted any time.

Violations of the AUP may result in loss of access to the NRP resources.

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