Part Time Lecturers


Three Year Appointments

Pursuant to CBA article 12.15, the list below includes temporary faculty who the Department of Mathematics believes will be eligible for a new or renewed three-year appointment effective with the first appointment of the 2020/2021 academic year. Any faculty members who believe they are omitted from the list, and believe they are eligible for a three-year appointment, shall contact the Department Chair - Dr. Alfonso Agnew (aagnew‘at’ within 30 days of this posting.

Arthur George
Converse Cherlyn
Farnham Paul
Fazeli Farimah
Fleming Jolene
Hoang Thanh
Jaber Jihad
Karimi Atousa
Kwak John
Mac Lean Daphne
Martinez Amanda
Matsumiya Teresa
Pham Thien
Pineda Edward
Sakamoto Scott