President's Scholars Program

California’s top high school students share similar expectations. They expect the best of themselves, the most from their college experience, and the brightest for their future.

Cal State Fullerton’s President’s Scholars Program is so much more than just a scholarship: our comprehensive, rigorous program offers outstanding experiences and opportunities in academics, leadership, service and mentorship.

The prestigious program provides a foundation for high-achieving students to develop and realize their potential for success – as scholars, leaders and citizens. Beyond graduation, President’s Scholars become leaders and role models in their professions and their communities. They make a difference and inspire others in the same way that they have been inspired.

This is the President’s Scholars Program; it's much more than a scholarship, it's reaching higher.

2021-2022 Application is closed

Students who will apply to CSUF as first time freshman for Fall 2022 will be eligible to apply later this year before the have received admission to CSUF.

Please note, current CSUF Students are not eligible to apply.

CSUF Honors & Scholars Programs Joint Application

The CSUF Honors & Scholars Programs Joint Application is closed for Fall 2021. There are four different programs which use this application. These programs provide support services such as: advising, community, scholarships, and much more. 

* these programs are part of the Center for ScholarsOpens in new window
Note: this application is for new incoming CSUF students and current students seeking to join these programs should contact them directly.
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