Academic Resources

University Learning Center

The goal of the University Learning Center is to provide Cal State Fullerton undergraduate students with academic support that is consistent with their learning styles in an inviting and contemporary environment. We believe that all learners need support that extends beyond the classroom to reinforce and amplify daily lessons. Research shows that students who engage in tutoring, attend study groups, and participate in skill building workshops achieve higher grades than those who do not.



The Pollak Library at California State University, Fullerton serves over 37,000 students and 2,100 full- and part-time faculty members.  Established in 1959, the Library was officially renamed the The Paulina June and George Pollak Library in 1998 in recognition of a $1 million donation received from the Pollaks.



Writing Center

At the Writing Center, we promote a nurturing environment that cultivates the growth and creativity of all undergraduate students, providing them with a place in which they can develop their skills as better writers and critical thinkers.


University Catalog

Cal State Fullerton’s interactive, fully online catalog contains a number of features to assist you, including advanced search options, user-friendly navigation and a personal portfolio to store favorite programs and courses.



The Office provides workshops on academic skills and success for graduate students: Workshops on academic skills for graduate students occur throughout the semester—writing tips, critical thinking, time management, reading for meaning, thesis and dissertation, working with a faculty mentor, and others.