How to Access RESET on Canvas

Accept Your Reset CanVas Course Invitation

Participate in RESET is mandatory. There are two different ways you can accept the invite:

Option 1

Check your CSUF email for the Canvas course invitation, the click on GET STARTED.

screen shot of option 1. Read above for instructions.

Option 2

Log into your Canvas account and view the RESET course invitation, then click ACCEPT.

screen shot of option 2. Read above for instructions.

Click to Begin

reset for continued noticeIf you are continuing on Academic Notice, you are enrolled in the RESET course for Continued Notice.



reset for academic noticeIf this is your first time or it's been a little while since yu were placed on Acade,ic Notice, you are enrolled in the RESET course for Academic Notice.



Complete Tasks in Order by the Listed Due Dates

There are assigned weekly tasks for the first five (5) weeks of the semester. Be sure to view all pages in order, and complete weekly learning activities. Tasks will appear "locked" if views out of sequence.



  • Fact 1

    You are talented and valuable with lots of potential. Everyone needs time to reset every now and then. Finding balance and managing responsibilities is a lifelong task.
  • Fact 2

    A registration hold is placed on student records beginning Week 6 if RESET remains incomplete or your college requires a follow-up academic advising session.
  • Fact 3

    Students can access the RESET course all semester long. Registration holds remain on record through the semester until course requirements, including any mandatory college advising, are fully completed.
  • Fact 4

    Students are enrolled into the RESET course each smester they experience Academic or Continued Notice, with exception of students taking a stop-out semester.

Questions about RESET?


Example Questions/Concerns:

  • "Why do I need RESET?"
  • "Why are my tasks locked?"
  • "I accidentally declined my invite, can you add me again?"
  • "I need clarification about something I read in RESET." 

cathy rivas, reset program coordinator

Cathy Rivas

RESET Program Coordinator