Instructional Materials Project Calendar

June 15, 2007

Submission of the campus Instructional Materials Accessibility Plan (IMAP).


July 1, 2007

Campuses will implement the IMAP provisions related to timeliness of alternate formats for print-based instructional materials such as those reflected in points #1 to #4 above.  These provisions should impact the timeliness of materials for the first academic term of Calendar Year, 2008.


Fall Term, 2008

New courses and new course content, including instructional materials and instructional websites, will be designed and authored in a manner that incorporates accessibility.  If incorporating accessibility is not possible or would constitute an undue burden, then a plan to provide an equally effective alternate form of access must be developed, documented, and communicated.  Existing course content will be made accessible at the point of course redesign or when a student with a disability enrolls in the course. 


Fall Term, 2012

Instructional materials and instructional websites for all course offerings will be accessible.  Once again, undue burden plan requirements (as described above) apply.