Instructional Materials Documents

Instructional Materials Accessibility Plan

Cal State Fullerton has proposed a comprehensive plan to assure the accessibility of electronically delivered instructional materials.


Copyright Issues

Making audio, video and print media accessible sometimes requires getting the permission of the copyright holder or owner of the material in question. Be clear about what's required before posting material on the web.



Instructional material delivered via the web must be accessible. web training modules Opens in new window are available online from any campus networked computer. No login is required.


Video Presentation: Justice Carlos R. Moreno

The Accessible Technology Initiative places us in a leadership position in higher education. Other colleges and universities will follow our lead and will benefit from the methods we develop to implement its requirements. Our leadership has attracted the attention of people from outside the CSU system. Please take a few moments to view a short video from California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno Opens in new window commending the CSU for for its efforts.  Opens in new window