Center for Internships & Community Engagement

Welcome to CICE

The Center for Internships & Community Engagement (CICE) creates cooperative linkages between higher education, community organizations and professional offices and strives to create high quality, community-based experiences that benefit students, partner sites, and communities. We are committed to fulfilling the mission of the University to create "...experiences in and out of the classroom, [so that] students develop the habit of intellectual inquiry, prepare for challenging professions, strengthen relationships to their communities and contribute productively to society."

Community engagement through academic internships and service-learning is a high impact practice that prepares students for participation in a global society, broadens their educational experiences, facilitates lifelong habits of intellectual inquiry, and prepares them for successful careers.

CICE develops reciprocal partnerships with community organizations, public agencies, and industry that offer opportunities for students to learn through service and/or work experiences relevant to their studies. We facilitate and support the work of faculty in engaged teaching, learning and scholarship. We support the University through coordination of community engagement resources and procedures.

We invite you to browse this site's pages for students, faculty, and partners, and to read more about our successes.