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Engineering Wildfire Mitigation

A Transformational Opportunity

California has faced devastating fire seasons in recent years, and the scale of these disasters continues to grow at an alarming rate. The College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) recognizes the pressing need for further innovation in the areas of fire mitigation and prevention. Ankita Mohapatra and her colleagues are working on exciting research, grounded in engineering and computer science, that has the potential to fill the gaps in current fire mitigation procedures.

Current systems have limitations including non-exhaustive surveillance coverage, misdiagnosis of natural phenomena as fires, and the inability to detect young fires.

Mohapatra’s research is part of an extensive team of faculty and students exploring various aspects of wildfires and their impacts. Other faculty and student teams at CSUF are also actively working on projects that examine air pollution, ash’s effect on soil composition, body sensor technology, and developing miniature cube-shaped satellites known as CubeSats that will detect and predict areas of fire risk from space.

What can we do?

Our team of faculty members exploring fire mitigation technologies, seek partnerships to examine the most challenging issues facing our firefighters, local government, and citizens.

Team members stand in a group

Mohapatra’s concept of a wireless, solar-powered sensor hub utilizes a smart-node design enabling an array of gas detectors to quickly identify probable young fires. Dr. Mohapatra and the research team are exploring the inclusion of infrared sensors to detect humans in proximity to the fires and route emergency responders accordingly. It is a game changing concept and requires the knowledge and expertise of our faculty.

Let’s get started!

This Big Idea has the potential to save lives and property. In addition to being massively beneficial to our state and region, your support of Engineering Wildfire Mitigation promises incredible opportunities for students to engage in this research through fellowships, promote STEM retention, and develop crucial community relationships between the university, industry partners, and our local governments. Together, we can work toward a meaningful solution and directly impact the future of wildfire mitigation.

“If we could reduce wildfires, we could make a significant impact. It’s about protecting lives, resources, our state, and our world.”

Ankita Mohapatra

To learn more and review investment opportunities in support of this project, review the Engineering Wildfire Mitigation project.

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