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Human-Centered Design Initiative

A Transformational Opportunity

Design solutions in today’s world require immersive, collaborative, and contextually relevant solutions. It is increasingly evident that focusing on what the design will mean to the communities who utilize it is as important as the design itself. The Human-Centered Design Initiative (HCDI) seeks to reduce the gaps that exist between concepts and solutions, increase communication, and train our students in the best practices of socially connected engineering.

Jin Woo Lee and his colleagues are working to bring Human-Centered Design experiences to our students and the local community. The university is home to an array of knowledge and experts. This initiative seeks to ignite projects that will positively impact and develop our local communities.

Harnessing the power of intentionality, engagement, rigor, and a collaborative design process, our students will be better prepared to respond to the workforce and societal need to develop highly usable systems, products, and solutions that consider the human role in functionality.

What can we do?

An early adopter, the City of Fullerton, is currently partnering with the HCDI in the 2019-2020 academic year. Our goal is to expand immersive human-centered design experiences by developing various annual projects, supported through paid student fellowships.

Expanding research and developing a sustainable framework will require rigorous assessment, dissemination, and collaboration between thought leaders. HCDI seeks to become a go-to leader in learning, teaching, and engagement models that expand educational opportunity, hands-on learning and bring people together to find shared solutions.

By coming together, we can bring unique knowledge, tools, and ideas to the table to work toward community needs while training students to think and approach problems with social awareness and an interdisciplinary lens.”

Jin Woo Lee

Let’s get started!

Funding for the Human-Centered Design Initiative will jump-start a new model for how our campus engages with our community. Such funding would allow educators to focus on relevant curricular innovations, on and off campus collaborations, and the development of a sustainable framework that brings human-centered design practices to a diverse set of engineering, computer science, or socially based challenges.

To learn more and review investment opportunities in support of this project, review the Human-Centered Design Initiative.

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