The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning leads systematic and integrated efforts to examine the effectiveness of university programs, curricula, services and operations; provides meaningful data to support strategic planning and decision-making at all levels of the university; plays a critical role in demonstrating accountability to accreditation, external entities and the general public; fosters a campus-wide culture of data-informed decision-making, continuous improvement, and teaching and learning innovations. 

Functional areas of OAIE



Please use the link below to request data or analyses.

Be sure to browse our website as it displays and regularly updates a variety of institutional data (e.g. enrollment, graduate rate, PPR reports).

If you are unsure how to locate the data needed, please contact us at (657) 278-2593 or .

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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (OIEP) team is here to assist you with any needs related to institutional data or analyses.

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