Colors of Culture Gallery

Colors of Culture’s vision is to highlight student artwork and promote inclusivity through monthly themes.  Located in the Brave Space of Diversity Initiatives & Resource Centers (DIRC), Colors of Culture reflects the community values of  community inclusiveness, critical learning environment, cultural humility, and community ownership.   Each month, we strive to create conversations around artwork that excites critical inquiry, growth, openness to new ideas and learning experiences.  We hope to inspire humility, respect, and sensitivity to other cultures in thoughts and actions. And finally, through art, we hope to create a welcoming environment for all.

We invite you to take time to immerse and reflect on the artwork. Through this gallery space, we hope you gain a new sense of self, understanding of others, and acceptance of all. Check out our current and past shows. 

Current Show

APIDA Amplified flyer in honor of APIDA Heritage Month


Returning Fall 2020



Past Shows

APIDA Amplified flyer in honor of APIDA Heritage Month


APIDA Amplified

April 6 - 30, 2020 - Virtual Show on Instagram @CSUFDIRC


APIDA Amplified   is a student art show that celebrates Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month. Through creative endeavors, we are calling artists to highlight and amplify voices of their communities. The show is a celebration of heritage, experiences, and diversity within the large APIDA umbrella. It is also an opportunity to challenge socially constructed narratives around the APIDA experiences. We are inviting contributors to use art as the medium to make visible APIDA identities and issues, and to their own narratives - amplified.



Woman, Thou Art...flyer in honor of Women's History Month


Woman, Thou Art...

March 2 - April 2, 2020


Woman, Thou Art…   is a student art show that celebrates Women’s History Month. The theme is derived from the film  Woman, Thou Art Loosed . We are calling student artists to submit work that completes the title Woman, thou art (example: beautiful, free, fierce, etc.). The show celebrates women, feminism, strength, as well as highlights challenges still faced by women today. Through art, we invite you to study the past, celebrate the present, and fight for the future of women everywhere!




Pieces I Am Flier in honor of Black history Month

The Pieces I Am

Feb. 3-27, 2020


In honor of Black History Month, The Colors of Culture Gallery is hosting and celebrating our inaugeral show,  "The Pieces I Am."  The title show is named after documentary on Toni Morrison's life, her works, and the powerful themes around black empowerment, black subject matters, and black women in literature, politics, and everyday life.