Interview Tips

Browse our guidelines below and visit the career center for more interview tipsOpens in new window .


  • Review the website for the following: Values of the org, examples of programs, who are the people in the organization, know their programs
  • Know the job responsibilities: Who will you be working with and for?
  • Come up with interview questions and prepare answers
  • Practice with a friend interview questions
  • Meet people who are part of the organization
  • Know that the work you do as a volunteer/anywhere will also help the interviewer know whether you can do the job
  • Have you resume available to share in print if interviewing in person or electronically if interviewing over video
  • If you are no longer interested notify the person
  • Dress appropriately, even for a video interview

During the Interview

  • Be on time and even early
  • Bring something to write down notes
  • Use concrete examples of your skills and strengths
  • Make sure to ask questions!
  • Be aware of your non-verbal behavior
  • Make it a conversation
  • Know that the interview is also about getting to know them


  • Ask any questions that you forgot during the interview
  • Re-evaluate your interview
  • Keep questions asked form the interview for future