About DIRC 

DIRC is home to six identity-based resource centers and host of numerous educational diversity initiatives for students of Cal State Fullerton. Each of our spaces offers students a home away from home, an inclusive space for students to be their authentic selves, and co-curricular engagement opportunities for students to develop deeper understanding of their identities and those of others.

Department Mission 

Diversity Initiatives & Resource Centers (DIRC) supports students by building communities that foster a sense of belonging, creating opportunities to engage in self-discovery and critical inquiry, and serving as a hub for resources in inclusive and affirming spaces. We create engagement opportunities that empower, educate, and activate students in the areas of social justice, equity, and anti-racism.

Learning Outcomes

Through our programs, events, and services:

  • Students will engage in a community which fosters a sense of belonging.
  • Students will engage in critical inquiry.
  • Students will engage in educational opportunities that contribute to the development of lifelong learning.