About DIRC 

Department Mission 

Diversity Initiatives & Resource Centers (DIRC) empowers, educates, and engages students and the Titan community through co-curricular learning. We provide support for students to expand their cultural competence and identity development.

Learning Outcomes

Through our programs, events, and services:

  • Students will engage in a community which fosters a sense of belonging.
  • Students will identify and connect with relevant campus and community resources.
  • Students will recognize their sense of identity through co-curricular learning. 

Message from the Director

Sofie Leon

Hello Titans, visitors, and friends!

Welcome to Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers! I'm Dr. Sofie Leon, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I serve as DIRC Director.

To our student frequenters and friends of DIRC, thank you for being part of our DIRC community and making our resource centers the home away from home they are for so many Titans. And to new students who haven't stepped into our physical or virtual space yet, I'd like to offer my warmest welcome. We're glad you're here.

In DIRC, we strive to create spaces where students know that they truly belong. Our events and programs bring students together in community, enable students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others, create opportunities for students to do the important work of learning and unlearning in social justice, equity, and anti-racism. During my time as a student, spaces like DIRC were incredibly important to me. They connected me to people who looked like me when I didn't see folks like me in my classes, they taught me that feeling like an imposter was not uncommon and that I could take steps to fight those unnecessary feelings, and they connected me to critical resources that helped me thrive as a student and future leader. It brings me great joy to know that our DIRC spaces provide those same experiences to Titans today.

Please take some time to explore our site. You'll learn about all of the programs and services we offer through our department and the resource centers we house. And because we know that there is always something happening in DIRC, follow us on social media to stay up to date!

In community,