Student Staff Interview Tips


DIRC offers employment across all five identity-based cultural and community resources, as well as the department.

To apply for a position at DIRC, visit Titan Connection and acquire additional information by contacting

Resource Center Staff Positions

African American Resource Center
Asian Pacific American Resource Center
Chicana & Chicano Resource Center
LGBT Queer Resource Center
Titan Dreamers Resource Centers

 Each resource center will be hiring three student assistant positions; two programming leads and one communications and graphic design lead. These positions are open to all undergraduate and graduate scholars at California State University, Fullerton. Please read each position description carefully, understand the expectations and responsibilities of each applicant, and apply for any and all positions interested via Titan Connection.

Interview Tips


  • Review the website for the following: Values of the org, examples of programs, who are the people in the organization, know their programs
  • Know the job responsibilities: Who will you be working with and for?
  • Come up with interview questions and prepare answers
  • Practice interview questions with a friend 
  • Meet people who are part of the organization
  • Participate in information sessions
  • Know that the work you do as a volunteer/anywhere will also help the interviewer know whether you can do the job
  • Come with 2-3 extra resumes
  • If you are no longer interested notify the person
  • Dress appropriately

During the Interview

  • Be on time and even early
  • Bring something to write down notes
  • Use concrete examples of your skills and strengths
  • Make sure to ask questions!
  • Be aware of your non-verbal behavior
  • Make it a conversation
  • Know that the interview is also about getting to know them


  • Ask any questions that you forgot during the interview
  • Re-evaluate your interview
  • Keep questions asked form the interview for future




Students will be able to:

  • Explore and state attributes of different communications styles
  • Listen to/connect the communication style to their own experiences 
  • Analyze their own communication style and its effect on their interest

This workshop highlights various aspects of different individuals (what is observable, what is assumed), how culture impacts behavior, and the meaning that individuals attach to culturally-influenced behaviors. Through a role play exercise students can begin to understand what affects one’s perspective, and how to work with others from different cultures and communication styles.