Diversity Training Workshops

Request a workshop for your class or training! DIRC offers workshops aimed at promoting community and social consciousness. Our trainings aim to increase self-awareness, cultural competence, sensitivity, and critical thinking.

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Four Corners Exercise

Participants will be able to gain a better understanding of their own sense of identity and how others build their identities. This experiential exercise engages participants in a dialogue around varying viewpoints intended to provoke critical thinking and sharing. Participants get a chance to reflect upon their viewpoints and life experiences while fostering communication, listening, and leadership skills set around various issues of cultural background, values, race, class, gender, religion, and other issues. 


You can see cultural appropriation in popular culture, society, and in university settings deadling with theme parties, mascots, tatoos, clothing, etc. It's a difficult subject matter but one that should be discussed. Participants engage in interactive programs to better understand the difference between appreciating a culture and appropriating a culture. The goal of the workshop is to create a proactive approach to being culturally and socially conscious within our communities.

(this workshop is available upon request)

Privilege Beads Exercise

This workshop focuses on the exploration of the personal priviledges we all hold. This workshop highlights the fact that everyone has some form of priviledge. By illuminating our privileges, we can recognize ways that we can use our priviledge individually and collectively to work for social justice. 

Sculpting Race: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Racial Identity Development

In this interactive session, the presenter will develop a human sculpture in order to teach the dynamics of Janet Helms' People of Color and White racial identity development models. Participants will take part in sculpting exercise and learn more about how to work with people from different life experiences. 


This exercise provides participants with an opportunity to interact and learn about each other’s perspectives, which may or may not be widely held or understood. Participants will be challenged to explore ideas about culture and identity, to see diversity from broader angles, to rethink their own assumptions, and to compare their own perspectives to those of people with differing views. This activity can also help participants begin to know one another as more than passing acquaintances and to develop some understanding and respect for differences.

C.U.P. Workshop

The Cultural, Universal, Personal (CUP) Workshop is an interactive activity where participants will be working through different behaviors, values and actions and categorize them within the three categories. The goal is for the participants to be able to deconstruct everyday behaviors, values and actions. This workshop engages participates in conversation around what it means for a behavior/value to be personal compared to cultural or universal. As well, it challenges to think critically about one’s own perception of the world.

This workshop highlights various aspects of culture, how culture impacts behavior, and the meaning that individuals attach to culturally-influenced behaviors.