Expectations and Requirements


To maintain Participant or Research Scholar status in the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program, students will be required to follow certain requirements and expectations as set forth by the LSAMP program.


To maintain Participant status, the following Expectations and requirements must be met:

  • Attend one (1) LSAMP approved STEM related extracurricular activity during the academic year, OR attend a science talk/presentation/seminar.
  • Complete and submit evaluations by requested deadlines


To maintain Research Scholar status, the following Expectations and requirements must be MET: 

  • Attend the LSAMP Orientation.
  • Submit all required forms by the requested deadline.
  • Submit a photo of oneself working on one's research project.
  • Submit a short biography describing academic and career related achievements and goals.
  • Complete the CITI Training.
  • Attend other Research Scholar meetings.
  • Attend the California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education.
  • Present at the Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR).
  • Participate in another LSAMP approved STEM related extracurricular activity, OR attend a science talk/presentation/seminar event during the semester.
    • Submit a half-page summary of the LSAMP approved event by no later than one week following the event.
  • Sponsor & mentor one or two LSAMP Participants within major.
  • Schedule and attend an advising appointment with the LSAMP program director during the semester.
  • Report and provide a brief description of activities engaged in while part of the LSAMP program.
  • Complete and submit all evaluations by the requested deadlines.
  • Perform research for a minimum of 8-10 hours per week as approved by mentor.
  • Maintain a minium of 2.75 semester GPA in major courses.
  • Agree to include the National Science Foundation grant number (NSF: HRD 1302873) on all materials that are to be presented in any venue including posters, papers, and oral or power point presentations. 

*Please be advised: LSAMP Research Scholar requirements and expectations are subject to changes and updates each semester.