About the Program

It's more than just a scholarship. It's a family, consisting of unique and diverse students all striving to achieve academic and personal success.

The  President’s Scholars Program was established in 1979 to attract the “best of the best” from among California’s top high school graduates.  It was created to support these outstanding scholars throughout their college careers by providing several valuable services including: financial assistance, student-specific advising, study and social spaces, University 100 (a high school-to-college transitional course), free computer and printing services, and much more. In the end, we are here to ensure that your student dreams big and reaches higher.

The President's Scholars are viewed as the pinnacle of the larger Cal State Fullerton community, representing a higher standard for comprehensive educational excellence — even as freshmen. A President's Scholar serves as the model of an engaged and committed student by exceeding the expectations set forth by the University. They are empowered to go beyond the classroom and enhance their learning with high-impact practices, such as internships, faculty-student research, community engagement, study-abroad opportunities, and personal development.

Today there are hundreds of President’s Scholars alumni representing Cal State Fullerton statewide, nationwide and even worldwide. Alumni scholars often comment on the invaluable connections, exposure and opportunities they received at Cal State Fullerton, demonstrating that these are what make the program truly unique and set it apart from the rest.

Program Design

As the oldest President's Scholars program in the CSU system, we have been cultivating tomorrow’s leaders for over 30 years. Grounded in holistic, high-impact practices, our program leverages an extensive network of support, which sets the Cal State Fullerton program apart.  We offer   more   than just financial assistance for our scholars; we draw upon our vast President’s Scholars family to create opportunities.

Program Foundation

Our program utilizes a cohort model, where students mature as a close-knit group of students today and graduate as exceptional leaders tomorrow. The program is anchored to four fundamental pillars.


Faculty, peers, and alumni all provide meaningful guidance, while consistently encouraging their students' success

Community Engagement

Scholars give back through service and volunteerism, aiding those who have supported them along their path to higher education

Alumni Highlight

"I had scholarship offers from other universities, but I wouldn't have had the opportunities I received here. I have small class sizes, I can talk to my professors, and I've even been able to interact with the president of the university. My professors have encouraged me and provided research opportunities to help me apply what I've learned and prepare for grad school. The President's Scholars Program has helped me with anything I need. This was definitely the right choice."

Eden Ellis
Past President's Scholar

Academic Excellence

Scholars aspire to a higher educational standard, upheld by advisors and faculty to develop holistic and accomplished individuals 


Our program cultivates strong leaders by providing learning experiences such as internships, research work, career counseling, and student club positions