Resources for Undergraduate Research 


The resources provided on this page help students increase their understanding of how to engage in undergraduate research. Our resources include various students' stories of how they've engaged in research, participated in graduate readiness programs that promoted research, and examples of how they shared their research at regional or national conferences. 


The page is divided into four sections: 

  • Introduction to Undergraduate Research Programs
  • Research Opportunities at Cal State Fullerton and other 4-Year Institutions
  • STEM Organizations and Conferences
  • Sharing Your Research 


Community college students attending Citrus College , Cypress College , Fullerton College , Golden West  College , Mt. SAC, Orange Coast College, Santa Ana  College , or Santiago Canyon College who plan to transfer on or after Fall 2021 can apply for the Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) at California State University, Fullerton. 


Students interested in participating in URE21 should submit an interest form by clicking the link below. 

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Introduction to Undergraduate Research Programs

Join us for insights into exploring summer research programs, to gain a better understanding of the Undergraduate Research Experience, and to hear about the experiences of students in research programs.  


Click on our programming link below for videos and additional information about how to engage in udergraduate research programs. 


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Research Opportunities within 4 Year Institutions

Exploration of research labs and programs at CSUF and other 4-year institutions. Hear tips about getting into a research lab once you transfer!


Click on our programming link below for videos and additional information about research opportunities and graduate readiness programs at Cal State Fullerton and other 4-year schools. 

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STEM Organizations and Conferences

Discover student and professional organizations available for STEM majors.


Click on our programming link below for videos about CSUF STEM student clubs, as well as information about regional and national organizatiosn in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

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Sharing Your Research 

Gain an understanding of how to create and present a research poster at a regional or national conference. Explore submission for conference attendance and presentations. 

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Upcoming Opportunities


Presenting your Research This Year

As a result of the Coronavirus, conferences will be held virtually this year. Attending virtual conferences eliminates the need to travel, and reduces many of the costs associated with conference attendance. Additionally, conferences are providing some registration fee waivers or scholarships to support students. Therefore, we highly encourage you to attend, or present at a conference this year. The following information provides quick access to conference information. 





  • Conference Dates: November 9-13, 2020 - The Virtual Experience
  • Abstract Submission Deadline (for presenters): September 11, 2020
  • Registration Waiver - Due August 20, 2020
  • Additional Information
  • Note: ABRCMS is accepting abstracts for research done in previous years due to the limited opportunities for undergraduate research as a result of the Coronavirus.