CSS Style Overview

To generate the CSS for your events you need to use the hours and events in your setup folder. 

The generator has several options which you can see a preview of your style choices.  The CSS will be created for you to copy and paste into your page.

CSUF OU sites only

Pulled Data from external sources

The standard Campus template can help create your own custom events, pull data from an xml/rss source, and/or get events from 25Live.  Setup your event feed to limit the view to just a few entries or show the entire list.

If you are putting an image with your event the recommended size is 1600px wide by 400px tall.

Would you rather type events as text on the page?

You can always write event information by hand on your pages, check out our Calendar/Events Listings styles.   Hand coded events will not update automatically as changes are done by someone manually editing and republishing your page.