Events - Lightbox Title Overlay Style

CSS Style Overview

Compact List Style

Lightbox is on with Title Overlay Style

Calendar Title is off

Limited to 8 events

Image are on

Accent colors are not enabled

Height is auto

Lightbox Title Overlay will use the image from the event and put the title across it in a larger font size.  This will auto scale to a smaller size depending on how many letters are in the title.  The image is set as a background wall paper so 1600px wide by 400px tall is a recommended size.

The event information provided in a large text block under that with the date / time information floating off to the left in a seperate box.  If you have large amounts of text this is a good lightbox style as it provides maximum space to display it.  A "Back to Event" button is provided to close out the lightbox and return the list.