Events - Lightbox Bubble Top Style

CSS Style Overview

Compact List Style

Lightbox is on with Bubble Top Style

Calendar Title is off

Limited to 8 events

Image are on

Accent colors are not enabled

Height is auto

Images in Bubble Top are rounded to a circle and float on the left of the title and date / time information.  The event information provided in a large text block under that.  If you have large amounts of text this is a good lightbox style as it provides maximum space to display it.  A "Back to Event" button is provided to close out the lightbox and return the list. 

At the bottom of the description information is a share url and a link to additional options (25Live events only).  The share url links back to the page where you display the event list.  It will open your page and automatically display the event in the lightbox format.  A notice is provided if the event is not found or has already passed.