ASC Officers

Headshot of Bob Hall
Bob Hall
(2016 - 19)
Headshot of Theresa Harvey
Theresa Harvey
(2018 - 21)
Headshot of Chuck Kissel
Chuck Kissel
Executive Director & CEO
Headshot of Rosalina Davis
Rosalina Davis
(2018 - 21)
Headshot of Danny Kim
Danny Kim

ASC Board of Directors

Headshot of Aaron Aguilar
Aaron Aguilar
ASI President

Headshot of Ted Bremner
Ted Bremner
Community Director
(2019 - 20)
Headshot of Marcia Clark
Marcia Clark
Faculty Director
(2019 - 22)
Headshot of Amir Dabirian
Amir Dabirian
VP Information Technology
Headshot of Riley Duncan
Riley Duncan
Student Director
(2018 - 20)
Headshot of David Forgues
David Forgues
VP HR, Diversity & Inclusion
Headshot of Claire Jenkins
Claire Jenkins
Student Director
(2019 - 21)
Headshot of Harry Le Grande
Harry Le Grande
VP Student Affairs

Headshot of Gia Ly
Gia Ly
Community Director
(2017 - 19)
Headshot of Dale Merrill
Dale Merrill
(2017 - 20)
Headshot of Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer
Faculty Director
(2017 - 20)
Headshot of Pam Oliver
Pam Oliver
Provost & VP Academic Affairs
Headshot of Greg Saks
Greg Saks
VP University Advancement
Headshot of Teresa Saldivar
Teresa Saldivar
Community Director
(2017 - 20)
Headshot of Mark Stohs
Mark Stohs
Faculty Director
Senate Chair
Headshot of Framroze Virjee
Framroze Virjee

Headshot of Sean Walker
Sean Walker
Faculty Director
(2018 - 21)



 The CSUF Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) is a non-profit public corporation that was incorporated in 1959 for the purpose of promoting and assisting the educational mission of Cal State Fullerton.